Reusable Produce Bags and more

I’m at the grocery store putting all my loose avocados, onions, apples and yams on the conveyer belt for check-out.  I know there’s a better way to avoid using plastic bags than this!  All it took was a quick search online and I’ve found a plethora of options for reusable bags.  And specifically, reusable produce bags!

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Learn about the harmful effects of our dependency on one-time use plastic and paper sacks here.

Check out these other neat finds.  Yes, biodegradable dog waste bags!  I know these are not the ultimate solution, but for those of us in densely populated areas, this is at least a step in the right direction.

Lastly, check out the neat sandwich wraps!  I know, I should not put food related items next to the aforementioned bags – BUT I did it anyway 😛

Here’s the links for these three:

ReUseIt Produce bags

Dog Waste BioBags

Sandwich Wrap-n-Mat





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