I just turned 30.  I must admit I second guessed admitting this!  I had a little bit of a freak-out session.  Not so much on my birthday, but more so this entire last year.  This impending zero was a real kick in the you-know-what, a true motivator to get over some fears and really goContinue reading

“Remember, the real world doesn’t reward perfectionists. It rewards people who get things done. And the only way to get things done is to be imperfect 99% of the time.” – Marc and Angel Hack Life, “12 Things Successful People Do Differently” This weekend, practice being imperfect!  Take a look at the leaning tower ofContinue reading

I got this card to send to a friend, and then I thought, you’re all my friends… why not send it to all of you! Here’s what it says to me: Do you ever feel like you are using every tooth, nail and muscle to keep things together? Do you ever feel like these bigContinue reading

Next time I’m passing through Pittsburgh (not like that’s an often occurrence, but even so…) I’m going to stop at this place: the Conflict Kitchen. By their definition the “Conflict  Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with. …Through food, wrappers, programming, and dailyContinue reading

I’m sitting here on a Sunday evening, chocolate chips in hand (they were on my laptop but then started to melt and are now consequently melting anyway – in my hand! Don’t judge…) and I’m remembering this book I read in 6th grade called “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” by Judy Blume.  TheContinue reading

mox·ie noun ˈmäk-sē  (slang) vigor; energy; pep. courage and determination; nerve. skill; know-how.   I received what I believe to be a great compliment several weeks ago from a mentor I look up to quite a bit.  This person said, “Mak, you’ve got moxie.”   Well, “thank you?”  I didn’t quite know what moxie meant, although it sounded cool and hipContinue reading