Hotel Donaldson

Need a not-so-FAR-to-GO getaway? On my boyfriend’s birthday, we took a trip to F…f…f…Florida? Fiji? No. Fargo. Yes. Fargo, ND. While I’d envisioned a beach bound birthday, duty calls (work), and we were north bound and down. After doing a little homework on the city and the treasures it holds, I booked Hotel Donaldson in downtown Fargo. IContinue reading

DIY Dr. Bronner Foam Hand Wash

Before the moving boxes were unpacked upon moving into my house a couple years ago, I had my DIY mason jar foam soap pumps set out in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The foam soap concoction (made with Dr. Bronner castile soap) even took a fresh black paint spot out of beige carpet (see my makeup brush cleanerContinue reading

eggshell plant food

Barefoot, groggy and hovering over the stove, I watched my eggs boiling in the sauce pan this morning. Thinking about all the nutrients in those lil’ eggies (from cage-free, pastured chickens), I was determined to reuse the water they cooked in. Why not water my plants with it? I let the water cool back down to roomContinue reading