reCAP mason jar protein shaker

Think your post workout glow can’t get any better? Try sipping on this cool chai drink. Your body gains all the sweet anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric and loses the added sugar of a typical store-bought cold chai. Turmeric: this often-ignored spice from your mother’s cupboard is having a big moment. If you haven’t heard, read 10Continue reading

As I’m up late in the evening, chatting with a long-time friend in Sydney, Australia, I ask her, “How is tomorrow?  Am I in for a better day?!”  She laughs (as you can on facebook messaging, I mean, really – texting is great but it only goes so far; I wish I could see herContinue reading

When Jesus said we should “become as little children” (Matt. 18) and Bob Dylan said, “stay forever young“, I somehow don’t think either of them meant just a little bit more plastic surgery, a nip & tuck, and a party. Makes me think about Los Angeles… a.k.a. “La La Land”, a.k.a. “Neverland” where Peter PanContinue reading

Brooke Ziegler

It’s not traditionally beautiful. It can look even a bit frumpy on the hangar. But this $1 thrift store vintage pinstripe dress shines when you slip it on. I don’t know the back story of this dress, but I’d like to imagine that it traveled the world with it’s previous owner (decades ago – a world thatContinue reading

I can’t help it.  The jumpsuit …and the hair.  They both come from my MOM.  What can I do?!  (Brooke has the same hair. Although we aren’t related, friends are the family you choose, so they say!  (I really don’t know who ‘they’ are, but they sure know a lot.)) Ever since I was aContinue reading

Photo Credit: Micah Rich

Call it soda, or pop (as I, and every other Minnesotan calls it), but call it quits! Whether you’re addicted to the sugar, the fizz or just the habit of drinking it, you can substitute your love for soda for water kefir. Why make the swap? Natural Instead of buying swill in an aluminum canContinue reading

Did you know the human body is more than 60% water? (Our blood is approximately 92% water.  Our brain & muscles are 75% water, and our bones are about 22% water.)   I was watching “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” the other day.  It’s a pretty cheesy and equally thought-provoking film about Quantum PhysicsContinue reading

I have a weakness for thrift stores.  ….and vintage dresses  ….particularly those with a brown, paper, tag, marked at $6.00 with a bold, sharpie marker at the Salvation Army.  Now, that’s a price I can afford!  Ever since I was young, I’ve been hunting through hand-me-downs and thrift stores for my hip and trendy finds. Continue reading

Native Gypsies vegan fudge smoothie inspired by Ecopolitan

The vegan fudge smoothie. Fat? Check. Calories? Check. Delicious? Check. You’ll get it all, from organic real-food ingredients, with this way-too-yummy-to-be-vegan smoothie. It’s almost a shame to call it a smoothie. It’s more of a dessert — meant to be enjoyed slowly with a spoon. And shared with those you love (if you are willing to spare any).Continue reading