Each Fall, this old soul sometimes-glamour girl trades the vintage dresses and cat eyes for a ponytail and work boots to work on my dad’s farm for harvest. Even when I lived in the metro, I still tried each year to come back for a few days during harvest. You know the old saying, “you can take theContinue reading

Clean OutThe Clutter Native Gypsies

My name is Brooke, and I am a hoarder. Well, I would be, if someone didn’t keep me in check. Instead, I’ll consider myself a thrifty, bulk saver. My fiance decided this Fall was the perfect time to clean house. The city-wide garage sales were in full force, which meant so were “my people” (you know, fellowContinue reading

Another item from my mom’s 70’s closet. (If you missed the orange jumpsuit, check it out here!) I traipsed up the hill with photographer, Jimmy Oligney, one early morning in Los Angeles to find the sunrise perfectly golden in Griffith Park. If you’re looking for a comfortable dress that packs a punch.. hit the thriftContinue reading

Use the handy dandy widget below to enter to win our $200 value Natural Prize Pack + a $25 Etsy gift card! (I love that place.)  Choose any or all of the entry options to throw your name in the hat.  If you have any questions hit us up with an email and we willContinue reading