When you celebrate your 95th anniversary, you don’t need a birthday party. You need a facelift! As my house enters 95 years on (its little space on) Earth, I try my hand at a few minor cosmetic projects to honor the history of the house I call home. My most recent project was a guest bedroom.Continue reading

At Native Gypsies we are drawn to things of a different generation.  We love stories.  We love creating.  We love family. Brooke and I have remarked on several occasions this last year how we are surprising ourselves by how old-fashioned we are becoming.  It might not be completely en-vogue, but we’d rather be real andContinue reading

Having the perfect wedding day look is just like every other formal event, except that there’s no redo or next event to redeem yourself if you have a fashion or beauty blunder. For my own wedding day, looking like me was the plan, albeit a slightly enhanced version of me. On a typical day, I wear little to noContinue reading

Todd bought a house to fix n’ flip. This is Todd.  I thought you’d like to see him. (He has a boat, and therefore he is “Captain”.) Captain CAAAAVE MAAAAAN, that is! The house has this great little garage with the most fabulous wallpaper I ever did see… And lots of junk to dig through.  Seriously,Continue reading


“Ooh, can I see your ring?” “Wait, what? He made it?” “Hold on, let me get my (friend, sister, mom) over here; you need to tell her about this.” When I run into friends and acquaintances since getting engaged, those are usually the questions and comments I receive about my engagement ring. Rings are a symbolContinue reading

We love creative women and female entrepreneurs here at Native Gypsies!  Especially those who do it together.  BmbleBaby is a Denver based company founded in 2015 by Caitlyn Van Valin and Heather Bell.  By law they are sisters, by choice they are friends and through their passion they started BmbleBaby, Inc. BmbleBaby is all aboutContinue reading