13 foods to reuse: don't throw that out (Native Gypsies)

Throwing food waste in the garbage, garbage disposal or down the sink can be a habit you don’t second-guess as you food prep. Before you throw that out, think about a second use for your food scraps, veggie stalks and peels. Check out 13 foods commonly disposed of, and how you can give them new life. NewContinue reading

Compassion. Pass it on.

To the worker at the Budapest Airport who stole four 1000 forint bills from my luggage, thank you for inspiring me to write this and reminding me that compassion is a virtue that we should never allow anyone or anything to steal from us. Karma (as defined by Google) is When we take things that aren’t ours to possess, theContinue reading

We didn’t experience mineral hot springs growing up in the Midwest. The closest I’d come to one is someone recounting a visit to a hot spring in the western United States and her family being horrified that everyone was naked! As an adult, finding and visiting hot springs in the areas we travel to are someContinue reading