Remember fruit roll-ups from your childhood? The tasty snack is simply blended fruit baked at a low temperature, and you can make them at home! I’d forgotten all about roll-ups, until my niece found a DIY recipe online. My sister offered me a strip of her strawberry and honey concoction, which taste just like the storeContinue reading


Get out in nature to see and smell Springtime! Go on a photo tour with us through Minnesota, Arizona and Florida to SPRING into a world of COLOR. Minnesota #Tulip Awake! Get out in #nature and celebrate #earthweek ( #spring in #minnesota ) -Brooke #red #flower #flowerstagram #flowersoftheday #floweroftheday #flowersofinstagram #plant A photo posted by NativeContinue reading


Ljubljana, the hidden tourist gem of Europe, is such a treasure I’m almost hesitant to share its magic. The capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana (AKA “Dragon City“) is filled with good food, good wine and plenty of green (it’s the European Green Capital of 2016). I could get used to this view. And it lights up green at night! (Continue reading

Weleda Skin Food

When someone turns 90, you throw a celebration with those you love! When Weleda’s Skin Food turns 90, you get everyone to celebrate something you love! And you give out gifts* (see end of post for giveaway details). I’ve been using Weleda’s organic, nourishing Skin Food cream on my head, shoulders, knees and toes (and nails,Continue reading