5 lids to morph your mason jars into kitchen gadgets

My affection for mason jars probably stems from childhood while playing in the barn, where hundreds of various colors and sizes were stored in the milk room. I’m always inventing and searching for more uses for mine. Check out these five ways to morph your mason jars into kitchen gadgets and gizmos. Surprise: you probably already have four of them in your kitchen!

5 lids for your mason jar - native gypsies
5 lids for your mason jar: (design by Native Gypsies; photos (upper left, clockwise): Native Gypsies, The Kitchn, This Simple Home, The Frugal Girls, Yesterday on Tuesday)

Protein Shaker Lid

I tried all my protein shaker lids on regular and wide-mouth jars in hopes that one would fit. No luck. Until l luckily found reCAP. The reCAP pour lid ($7.99 on Amazon*) is available in regular or wide-mouth. I’ve been using reCAP lids all year and they’re leak-proof and sturdy.

Greens shake break with reCAP pour lid & Mason-re silicone sleeve koozie on mason jar (©NativeGypsies – Brooke on the farm)

See more on reCAP and my pick for a post-workout turmeric chai drink.

Shake up your post workout with this drink

More Mason Jar Lid Swaps

Yes, you can drill and cut any variety of holes into your mason jar lids to create pour spouts, salt and pepper shakers and more. Or you can try one of these simple hacks. All three work on regular-mouth mason jars.

If you don’t have Kraft Cheese or Coffeemate at home, then enlist a loved one or neighbor (not that you can’t love your neighbor too, since we’re asked to love them as ourselves) to save the lid for you when theirs is empty.

  • Cheese Shaker Lid
The Frugal Girls

See more (and a great DIY carpet freshener recipe) from The Frugal Girls.

  • Creamer Lid
Yesterday on Tuesday

The Coffeemate lid fits perfect on regular-mouth mason jars too! See Yesterday on Tuesday for more pics of this nifty trick and their crafty coffee station.

  • Peanut Butter Lid

Instead of a rusty metal ring on the mouth of your jar, swap it out with a peanut butter lid, thanks to this tip from This Simple Home!

This Simple Home

Blender Cup

Turn your blender into a one-serving Magic Bullet with this gem from The Kitchn!

from The Kitchn

Use a regular-mouth mason jar on the blender base. I decided to also try it on my Magic Bullet (to stop using the plastic cup), but neither the regular-mouth or large-mouth jar fit. Darn! Luckily, you can turn your blender into a Magic Bullet by replacing the blender jar with a mason jar, and then drink right out of the mason jar! Bonus: one less dish to wash.

*edited* 6th Lid

My savvy mother read this post and had the idea to try her Yankee candle lid on a wide-mouth mason jar. You guessed it! The lids look great and seal in freshness. Thanks, mom♥.

Yankee candle lid for mason jar (Photo © Native Gypsies)

Beyond canning, mason jars have countless uses! Shake it. Pour it. Mix it. Store it. For more mason jar love, see my Native Gypsies post on buying or DIYing a mason jar foam hand soap dispenser.

DIY Foam Hand Soap + Mason Jar Pump Dispenser

How do you use mason jars at your home? Share with the NATIVE GYPSIES community! #nativegypsies

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