Sunrise 70s Golden Gown

Another item from my mom’s 70’s closet. (If you missed the orange jumpsuit, check it out here!)


I traipsed up the hill with photographer, Jimmy Oligney, one early morning in Los Angeles to find the sunrise perfectly golden in Griffith Park.


If you’re looking for a comfortable dress that packs a punch.. hit the thrift store and look for comfy, boho, chic 70’s halter dresses on the cheap.


It’s easy to find them on the racks at your favorite shops today, too, but as you know, I like ’em with a stitched tag and a story or two. 😉


A simple gold dress, needs only a few, elegant accessories.  This is Grandma Audrey’s gold bracelet.  There was a time when I wore this bracelet a lot (to remind me of her and give me strength).  I get like that sometimes.


Remember to “Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman.


Life can be challenging.  It can make you think you have to be competitive and tough.  But the answers are really quite simple.


Get in the game.

Focus.  (On the sunshine. ↠↠ Follow the light!!!)

Have faith.

Embody love.

And play…

If that happens to take place in a vintage dress, or your favorite car, on horseback, or with your best friend in the world, that’s cool. Just remember to CREATE and LIVE YOUR PURPOSE.  Everything will fall into place…

Peace and love my friends,





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