Vintage Orange Jumpsuit + Big Hair

I can’t help it.  The jumpsuit …and the hair.  They both come from my MOM.  What can I do?!  (Brooke has the same hair. Although we aren’t related, friends are the family you choose, so they say!  (I really don’t know who ‘they’ are, but they sure know a lot.))

Ever since I was a tween, I’ve been finding GEMS in my mother’s closet.  (My grandma’s too, but we’ll get to that.)  I wish I had a pic of my ‘Shelly-mom’ in this get up! She was quite the fashionista.

Apparently these one-leg-at-a-time, zip & tie onsies for women are all the rage again.  Check-out Free People & Forever 21 to see if you’d like to purchase something comfy or chic.  Or dig into YOUR mother’s closet and see what you can find!

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Photos © James Oligney





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