A Figurative Autumn Harvest

Autumn is the time of year when crops and fruits are gathered.  However, the Autumn I experience in California is a lot different from the Fall-time harvest of the small, Midwestern farm I grew up on.  Instead of yellowing fields of corn with husks drying to paper-like textures, spanning the horizon where golden colors fall from the sky, and firey red, and rusty leaves crunch underfoot…  Here in California, I walk outside our current abode to see a stingray swimming in the canal behind the house we are flipping, and a fish doing the same – flipping out of the water that leads to the ocean…

But just because there’s eternal sunshine here and surfer dudes & dudettes who seemingly found the fountain of emotional youth somewhere deep inside these waves that massage the beaches with their constant surge, don’t think that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about pumpkins, sweaters and autumn colors…

Actually, one of the things that surprised me most about living in California is the chilly nights.  It kind of makes up for the lack of seasons. 😉  Kind of.

Because, I do love sweaters (and ponchos, AND capes!)… And I adore a good sweater-dress like this Archer Dress from prAnaprAna clothing fits my lifestyle incredibly well, because if I can’t find what I want in a thrift-store or somebody else’s closet – (like my mom or grandma’s closet), then I prefer to put my money where my mind is and buy clothing that is fair-trade & sustainable.

We just finished the fireplace at this flip, and we’ve been camping out downstairs while we renovate the main floor.  One thing we’ve learned in our crazy life that consists of: running a teenager around, chasing a toddler, living in construction, managing 4+ businesses and our stunt, acting, and music careers – is THIS.  …One MUST, and I mean MUST take a moment for yoga (or surfing, or SOMETHING that melds body, mind & spirit).  If you don’t make the time, you will (well, I know I most certainly will) go crazy. 😛

Thankfully prAna’s got us covered here too…  These Moto Leggings are my go-to for class and for the celebratory carpet roll-out in front of our freshly lit, newly renovated fireplace!

I love the unique pattern of the seams.  Which are pretty pretty, next to our arabesque tile, freshly grouted and uniquely “seamed” too.  Radar must think it’s A-OK too.

So, grab yourself a pair of leggings (or a dress!) or whatever you’d like at prAna.com and use the code, MSF17MB, for 15% off.  They’ve got yoga, travel & adventure clothing, all made with a conscience!  And that’s good on my conscience.  …And if your life is like ours, every day is an ADVENTURE!

I’ll write more about our house flip, stunt flips, and music notes soon.  Until then, may you take a moment each day to honor the life-force within you, breathe deeply, and harvest the fruits of your labors.  That’s my goal this fall, to figuratively harvest all the things I’ve been working towards and putting energy into.  Sometimes, all it takes is “waking up” and looking around you to see that your dreams are already all true – all around you in real life, and already coming to fruition.  Today, I’m living my full purpose & I’m truly thankful!


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