Welcome to NATIVE GYPSIES, a place for those who are home grown and love to roam…’  We celebrate the natural, down-to-earth woman, who has a curious spirit for travel, learning and healing (and a probable love of all things vintage – especially those with a story).

We are Brooke & Makie, Midwest, farm girls, and friends since childhood. We started this blog as free spirit ladies. Now we have husbands and babies! We are still free spirited, and live our lives in an out-of-the-box way even though we’ve gone from single pals to family gals.

Brooke has spent several winter seasons in Europe during her husband’s hockey jobs, and Makie has traveled Asia performing, as well as with her stuntman husband. We both love to travel, but at the same time we are always connected to our small town roots (and cowgirl boots!).


Makie and her family reside primarily in CA, while spending Summers in the Midwest and traveling for work projects. Makie is a music artist and a lover of horses. ↠


Brooke and her family reside primarily in MN, and continue to travel. Brooke runs her own natural brand ambassador company, and is a farmer at heart. ↠


Grown or originating in a particular place.
h o m e  g r o w n
A nomadic or free-spirited person.
l o v e  2  r o a m

Look at these youngsters! This is us as high school buddies (during a homecoming event). Life was a crazy and a mess then. Not much has changed! 

Let’s go Roaming together, and explore The Woman, Motherhood, and all things on the Homestead.