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My ode to Ball, Kerr and Atlas continues from last week’s post on mason jar lids. 5 lids to morph your mason jars into kitchen gadgets My favorite place in my hometown is on our family farm. Lately, we’ve been clearing sheds for a farm party. My husband (the “city slicker” to my dad) uncovered mason jarsContinue reading

5 lids for your mason jar - native gypsies

My affection for mason jars probably stems from childhood while playing in the barn, where hundreds of various colors and sizes were stored in the milk room. I’m always inventing and searching for more uses for mine. Check out these five ways to morph your mason jars into kitchen gadgets and gizmos. Surprise: you probably alreadyContinue reading

Brooke Ziegler Gilbert Arizona Superstition Mountains Native Gypsies

Discover life in the desert, Native Gypsies style. A photo posted by Native Gypsies (@nativgypsies) on Mar 16, 2016 at 12:20pm PDT My husband and I traveled to the Phoenix/Mesa area to meet up with my parents as soon as we returned home from our winter in Slovakia. Join along for a Southwest photo tour of healthyContinue reading

The True Cost Native Gypsies

Have you seen the True Cost documentary on Netflix? Spoiler alert: it’s an inconvenient truth about the fashion industry that’s too big to ignore. See four ways to make a positive impact and ask the questions that spark change. I watched it while my husband and I were living in Slovakia this past winter, mostly because we had oneContinue reading

DIY Lime Pie Deodorant

The ‘Secret’ is out; deodorant labels are the pits! Cyclops-a-who? Dipropy-what? Much of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your skin, so it can be just as important to wear healthy ingredients as it is to eat them! Still, our sweaty, stinky underarms keep us coming back for more aluminum and friends.Continue reading

DIY Aveda comfort tea recipe-native-gypsies

As a native Minnesotan, Aveda is a staple natural beauty brand in its home state. The scent of Aveda comforting tea brings memories of sipping on a hot drink while being pampered in the Aveda salons and spas. After a particular hair appointment, I ran into a friend, who immediately announced “mmm! You smell like Aveda.” I was after theContinue reading


Remember fruit roll-ups from your childhood? The tasty snack is simply blended fruit baked at a low temperature, and you can make them at home! I’d forgotten all about roll-ups, until my niece found a DIY recipe online. My sister offered me a strip of her strawberry and honey concoction, which taste just like the storeContinue reading


Get out in nature to see and smell Springtime! Go on a photo tour with us through Minnesota, Arizona and Florida to SPRING into a world of COLOR. Minnesota #Tulip Awake! Get out in #nature and celebrate #earthweek ( #spring in #minnesota ) -Brooke #red #flower #flowerstagram #flowersoftheday #floweroftheday #flowersofinstagram #plant A photo posted by NativeContinue reading


Ljubljana, the hidden tourist gem of Europe, is such a treasure I’m almost hesitant to share its magic. The capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana (AKA “Dragon City“) is filled with good food, good wine and plenty of green (it’s the European Green Capital of 2016). I could get used to this view. And it lights up green at night! (Continue reading