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News to brides-to-be. Even if you know what you’re looking for, wedding dress shopping can be hard (and time draining). You have to consider many factors. What is your style? What is your budget? What is your timeframe for ordering? Then, there’s deal-breakers, like if you can move in the dress and how it will complement yourContinue reading


If there’s one thing a flower girl wants on her big day (I mean, the bride’s big day), it’s to be just like the bride. When I was a flower girl, six-year-old me was devastated when I saw that the bridesmaids’ dresses were different from my own. That is, until my mom pointed out thatContinue reading


When you celebrate your 95th anniversary, you don’t need a birthday party. You need a facelift! As my house enters 95 years on (its little space on) Earth, I try my hand at a few minor cosmetic projects to honor the history of the house I call home. My most recent project was a guest bedroom.Continue reading

Having the perfect wedding day look is just like every other formal event, except that there’s no redo or next event to redeem yourself if you have a fashion or beauty blunder. For my own wedding day, looking like me was the plan, albeit a slightly enhanced version of me. On a typical day, I wear little to noContinue reading


“Ooh, can I see your ring?” “Wait, what? He made it?” “Hold on, let me get my (friend, sister, mom) over here; you need to tell her about this.” When I run into friends and acquaintances since getting engaged, those are usually the questions and comments I receive about my engagement ring. Rings are a symbolContinue reading

Each Fall, this old soul sometimes-glamour girl trades the vintage dresses and cat eyes for a ponytail and work boots to work on my dad’s farm for harvest. Even when I lived in the metro, I still tried each year to come back for a few days during harvest. You know the old saying, “you can take theContinue reading

Clean OutThe Clutter Native Gypsies

My name is Brooke, and I am a hoarder. Well, I would be, if someone didn’t keep me in check. Instead, I’ll consider myself a thrifty, bulk saver. My fiance decided this Fall was the perfect time to clean house. The city-wide garage sales were in full force, which meant so were “my people” (you know, fellowContinue reading

It’s the weekend. Time to go shopping. But the weather is too perfect to be inside. What’s a girl to do? Take the party outside! It’s unusually warm this Minnesota Fall day, and I unusually have the day off (no pressing business and no harvest farm work yet). Ahhhhh. I took the party to the streetsContinue reading