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upcycled wood pallet coat rack with meat hooks

There’s no shortage on ways to upcycle wood pallets. One of the simplest ways (no deconstruction required) is a coat rack. Put in your entryway to encourage your household to hang up their hats, bags and coats. No more floor clutter! This project cost a total of $0. Wood pallet: free (from a work site*)Continue reading


It’s not the world famous bull on Wall Street, but this bull on my wall is famous in my house. Make your own inexpensive (artificial or real) “trophy animal” wall art! A department store at the Mall of America had the same idea (though my frame looked a tad more worse for wear). Last year duringContinue reading

The power of the ocean waves rhythmically hitting the shore are a majestic display of karma. Waves roll out to sea, but always return to the shore. On a trip to Tybee Island last weekend, I discovered hidden treasure in the sand. Rewind to earlier in the day. My fiance Matt and I were exploring DuPontContinue reading

Brooke Ziegler Native Gypsies Strawberry Fields Forever Vintage Dress

My mother said she HAD to buy this dress. She saw someone wearing it, and thought it was so amazing she tracked it down and splurged on it. I’m always thankful for the fashion splurges of her youth, because they weather the decades beautifully! I call this dress Strawberry Fields. Sure, there’s a whole fruit bowlContinue reading

Brooke Ziegler and Matt Hussey engagment

I love this man that holds my hand. I’ll have to get used to calling him my fiance! Stay tuned as I write more about our story and share tips from a Native Gypsies bride (AKA the anti-bridezilla), as days pass. If you have any NG-style wedding inspiration from your big day for ours, please do share! TheContinue reading

reCAP mason jar protein shaker

Think your post workout glow can’t get any better? Try sipping on this cool chai drink. Your body gains all the sweet anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric and loses the added sugar of a typical store-bought cold chai. Turmeric: this often-ignored spice from your mother’s cupboard is having a big moment. If you haven’t heard, read 10Continue reading

Brooke Ziegler

It’s not traditionally beautiful. It can look even a bit frumpy on the hangar. But this $1 thrift store vintage pinstripe dress shines when you slip it on. I don’t know the back story of this dress, but I’d like to imagine that it traveled the world with it’s previous owner (decades ago – a world thatContinue reading

Photo Credit: Micah Rich

Call it soda, or pop (as I, and every other Minnesotan calls it), but call it quits! Whether you’re addicted to the sugar, the fizz or just the habit of drinking it, you can substitute your love for soda for water kefir. Why make the swap? Natural Instead of buying swill in an aluminum canContinue reading

Native Gypsies vegan fudge smoothie inspired by Ecopolitan

The vegan fudge smoothie. Fat? Check. Calories? Check. Delicious? Check. You’ll get it all, from organic real-food ingredients, with this way-too-yummy-to-be-vegan smoothie. It’s almost a shame to call it a smoothie. It’s more of a dessert — meant to be enjoyed slowly with a spoon. And shared with those you love (if you are willing to spare any).Continue reading