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Loving the buch (kombucha)? Your pocket book might not be loving the kombucha factor (the new age version of the latte factor). Make your own buch hooch and save! Are you buying kombucha bottles by the case in health food stores? Popular kombucha brands (GT’s, Reeds, Synergy) cost between $3.50 and $4.50 for a 16 to 20Continue reading

dr bronner makeup brush cleaner

Dr. Bronner liquid castile soap may not have room on their bottle for any more tiny print, but if they did, makeup brush cleaner could be added to the list of many uses. If you’re turning your house into an all-natural casa, add Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soap to your list of must-haves.Continue reading

The Lemonade Diet (Master Cleanse)

Spring has arrived! While the winter brings out our squirreling and storing habits, the spring that follows is the time for cleansing and renewal. The most well known (thanks to Beyonce and a handful of other celebrities) body cleanse is The Master Cleanse, which Peter Glickman popularized a decade ago. Inspired by Stanley Burroughs’ 1941 book, TheContinue reading

raw milk

Have you ever tried to find a dairy farm advertising raw milk for sale on the internet? Nearly impossible. If you know someone who isn’t a farmer but is drinking raw milk, ask them where they got it. The answer will likely be 1. my (insert family member here) is a dairy farmer, or 2. I talkedContinue reading

DIY Garden Tool Rack

If you’re reading a post (no pun intended, per the title of this particular post) on here for the first time, I’m a big fan of DIY projects and upcycling junk. The garden post below was starting to rot in my back yard, before it was given a new lease on life. Tools needed: skilsaw:Continue reading

Aiko High Skinny Joga Medium Wash Silver Jeans

Silver’s Joga jean is the jean you won’t want to take off. Yes, they’re that comfortable. My sister called me enthusiastically from the mall about her new Silver jeans. She raved about how comfortable they were (she since bought two varieties of the Joga). Some combination of the words “they feel as good as sweatpants”Continue reading

mean memes

  I’m prefacing this article by saying I’m not a meme hater. Who didn’t love the Ryan Gosling ‘Hey girl‘ memes? Even straight men can appreciate the humor. Lately, though, memes are becoming a lot more, well, mean. If you’re not familiar, Dictionary.Com defines a meme as a cultural item in the form of anContinue reading

neem flower

  What is Neem You see the buzz word in health stores, but what is it? Neem is a fast-growing leafy tree flourishing in India and parts of Africa. All parts of the tree (leaves, seed, bark) have been used for centuries for ayurvedic healing purposes. USES FOR NEEM Internal: cleanse, spermicide, weight loss ChancesContinue reading

Boston's 2.5 mile fashion freedom trail

If you’re visiting Boston (once all the snow disappears), walk the famous Freedom Trail (simply follow the red line) to thefrontsteps of Paul Revere’s home and the site of the Boston Massacre. 2.5 miles. Once you’ve taken in the city’s rich history, walk the 2.5 mile fashion freedom trail. “Fashion freedom trail? Never heard of it,”Continue reading

napa casual, cowgirl boots, napa fashion

Heading to Napa for a wedding, I stared blankly at my closet (and my 2nd closet, and my 3rd closet). I’d come to the realization that my closet(s) is anything but what I pictured ‘Napa casual’ to be. Ohhhh, crap (and seriously, “ohhh crap”? What a Minnesotan thing of me to say.) My friend Makie (AKAContinue reading