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Round here, there’s not a week that goes by without some sort of activity such as yoga, paddle boarding, mountain biking, horse riding and the like, but, in all reality, being a mom is the most physically (and MENTALLY!) taxing thing on my body.  Running on little sleep, hauling around a 22 lb. baby, andContinue reading

Autumn is the time of year when crops and fruits are gathered.  However, the Autumn I experience in California is a lot different from the Fall-time harvest of the small, Midwestern farm I grew up on.  Instead of yellowing fields of corn with husks drying to paper-like textures, spanning the horizon where golden colors fallContinue reading

Remember when I told you about: “The Innovative Stunt Man & Singing Farm Girl Flipper” (That’s my husband and me!) Well, we finished our first flipping feat (a remodel turned reBUILD), and sold it quite quickly!  It was a learning experience to say the least, but now we know how to do “EVERYTHING” when itContinue reading

Having grown up on a farm intrinsically makes me an ever-conscious person with how my foot-steps impact the earth.  Now that I live by the ocean, I am becoming increasingly more interested in how we can care for the Aquatic life of Nature’s deep, under belly in the fathoms below! Practicing Yoga helps me attuneContinue reading

I love to wrap up in a “story” or two in cold, Winter months.  Whether I’m visiting my farm in snowy Minnesota or at home in Los Angeles, my vintage, hand-me-down & thrift-store sweaters are a favorite garb for grab! (Winter isn’t the only time for sweaters, see my post on “Androgynous Fall Fashion” below.)Continue reading

At a certain point in my life and “pursuit of ________ (happiness, career, self-realization, inner growth…)” I teetered on the fence about whether or not I really wanted kids, …but when it came down to it, I knew I did. It had to be with the right person, though.  And if that person wasn’t to be discovered,Continue reading

My husband and I are building & designing our first house to sell in Los Angeles, California. (Toluca Lake, to be exact.) In fact, we are aiming for our own HGTV show!  Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Todd is a stunt man.  Here he is on the TV show, “Nip Tuck”, doubling John Hensley (Matt McNamara). Continue reading

Welcome to our baby cove!  As the clock is quickly winding down to delivery time, my need to NEST has kicked in like crazy, and now that our corner nursery is complete – I can rest easy! HA.  Mockery I say.  I dispute that very self-made statement.   Rest, I shall… as well as any expecting mother can…Continue reading

Welcome to my art shack.  My new creative space! What once was a “scary”, spider haven is now my little retreat, and will be a great space to share with the family once our new addition arrives.  Between two adults, a 13 year old and a newborn, we will need, and appreciate this extra ‘room’!Continue reading