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Did you know the human body is more than 60% water? (Our blood is approximately 92% water.  Our brain & muscles are 75% water, and our bones are about 22% water.)   I was watching “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” the other day.  It’s a pretty cheesy and equally thought-provoking film about Quantum PhysicsContinue reading

I have a weakness for thrift stores.  ….and vintage dresses  ….particularly those with a brown, paper, tag, marked at $6.00 with a bold, sharpie marker at the Salvation Army.  Now, that’s a price I can afford!  Ever since I was young, I’ve been hunting through hand-me-downs and thrift stores for my hip and trendy finds. Continue reading

  Music by M A K I E & Saul Simon MacWilliams. Recorded at The Lovely Light, Produced & Arranged by Saul Simon MacWilliams.  Special Thanks, Billy Libby.  Mastered by Alex DeTurk. Video featuring Colby James West. Dir., Dylan Paffe. DP, Stephen St.Peter. Prod. Mgr. & Art Dir., Colby James West. MUA, Emily Anderson. Wardrobe,Continue reading

Sometimes you need a break.  Sometimes the sun and the open road and the possibility of something fresh, wild and windy is just enticing.  Sometimes you need to laugh and breathe and forget and discover at the same time.  Sometimes – it’s just time. Let the sun seduce you into it’s hazy rays, crisp youContinue reading

“An Escape from the New York City and the Suburbs Thereof” This weekend my friend and I rented a fabulous house in the Catskills for a few days.  We loaded up some groceries, Radar, my guitar, some art supplies, a few good books, hiking shoes and we were off! This is what we found… We cameContinue reading

Practice getting out of your own way. Take it easy a little. Stop fretting, stop meddling. Take a deep breath. Count to ten, and look around to see who and what is already in your life. Step back to get a full, clear view and proper perspective, and let your road take you where it will.

Flying. I don’t ride roller coasters. I don’t ride tilta whirls, sizzlers, pirate ships or rocket flippity-do-das… But I fly. I fly to get places that would otherwise take a day or two of alternate travel. I happen to fly quite a bit lately thanks to my generous cousins and their hard-earned United Airlines perks.Continue reading

Whenever I visit home, even if I don’t have a lot of time to ride, I have to at least climb on top my beautiful, Arabian, bay and feel his calming breath beneath my bones.  There is something about it I cannot explain.  No words are needed, just the simplicity of placing a rope aroundContinue reading

Before I speak, I must surrender. Surrender to the solitary oneness in my mind. Fragmented pieces, that so combine to form a whole. A thought. A truth. A sound… Before I speak, I must remember. Remember feelings, dignity, authenticity. Remember to be kind.  To see inside your heart, and start there. Remember you’re a partContinue reading

I picked up this book (A Morning Cup of Meditation) a few months ago and have been enjoying the benefits of an easy and enjoyable meditation ever since.  All it takes is a quick read and you’re good to go.  With 10 associations you can use in your breathing, you’ll find relaxation, energy and aContinue reading