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Don’t you hate that?  How you can’t run in your dreams?  Why didn’t they show that in the movie, Inception? They ran just fine!  They even dodged buildings and fought the bad guys! Running in a dream feels like your limbs are climbing through peanut butter, and as you keep trying to run the peanutContinue reading

1.) smile Curl one corner of your mouth than the other in an upwards fashion. 2.) walk tall & confident Accept that others will take notice – it’s okay!  This will give you a chance to practice smiling. 3.) laugh a lot Lighten your heart.  Laughter activates your body and breath which brings oxygen toContinue reading

Dear Man, You are not greater than me and for that I am not sorry but satisfied (and oddly disappointed).  Brother’s Grimm taught me you are to be strong and heroic.  Disney said if I am faced with something scary you will surely come to my rescue.  There you will appear at that moment ofContinue reading

I like to play basketball in the summer.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to play with my cousin, Harley, during my tom-boy phase where I thought Michael Jordan was the bomb and let the same cousin name our farm cat L.J. for Larry Johnson I also used to playContinue reading

I don’t know about you but I’ve been highly motivated since the calendar year hopped a digit.  I said this approximately one year ago in a post called “Driving Miss Makie” that not only is it a new year in the astrological sense but I also recently celebrated the anniversary of my birth.  It’s aContinue reading

Hey!  How do you like my big green bird on the stage?  That’s how I feel when I’m at an audition; all vulnerable and on the spot.  Well sometimes I feel totally awesome, like I’m super-cool.  I feel like this chill chick who has a mysterious confidence and is so ‘right on’ if you knowContinue reading

I slid into yoga class five minutes late on Saturday morning.  I’m usually catching everything last minute – the bus, the train, finishing up the job right before it’s due, but I usually make it to my mat on time.  I’ve had a crazy couple weeks and it’s only the beginning.  Every past, present andContinue reading

One of my first blog posts entitled “Woman, You Are Beautiful” lists many descriptive words I might use to identify myself at a given moment.  I might be a your friend, your sister, a graphic designer, a classmate – I might even be considered an artist, a performer or an actor.  I kind-of, really likeContinue reading

I’m a very big proponent of sifting through your closet and clearing out/giving away what you haven’t worn in the last year.  But there are exceptions.  I pulled out these fabulous orange pants today from the back of my dresser.  I haven’t worn them in two years or so.  But I keep them for specialContinue reading

If you’ve spent time with me throughout the seasons (especially the chilly months) you’ll know I have a thing for hats.  I also have a particular fondness for the Mad Hatter character in “Alice in Wonderland.”  Perhaps it’s our similar infatuation with head coverings.  Or maybe the casting of Tim Burton’s rendition starring Johnny DeppContinue reading