Because Birthday Cake Sucked & Pizza Wasn’t a Party. (Have gluten free, fried egg plant & roasted autumn veggies instead!)


Since childhood, and to this day, you’ll be hard pressed to find me without an animal nearby.


Or a head covering of some sort for that matter – Hoods, hats,… heck, even BAGS will do for hiding from the world when necessary!  (No, not the plastic kind of bags…  Canvas, silly!)


Dogs are a kid’s best friend – especially kids who have difficulties relating to others…


I was a moody child.  So much so that my mom actually thought I was slightly Autistic.  For instance, I couldn’t handle the sun on my body and long hair was NOT an option for my problematic younger self.

I know, I look like a little boy! But I’ve always been a bit of a tom boy, so I guess that’s fine — even if I have developed a thing for vintage dresses later in life. 😉

I was extremely emotional as a child, and sometimes volatile.  I was constantly sick to my stomach, tired, had persistent headaches (still do), had dark circles around my eyes, and couldn’t gain weight (that still takes work, too).  I even struggled with reading, focus and learning difficulties. The list goes on.  It wasn’t until the Summer after 4th grade that my family learned about food allergies & celiac disease.

This changed my life!  My teachers from one grade to the next probably didn’t know where the transformation came from. My world opened up and I became a different kid (perhaps I was finally able to be myself) once we were able to clean out the foods that are toxic to my system: dairy, eggs, wheat/gluten, and yeast.

To a small person, this change in diet was an adjustment.  It meant no pizza parties, no birthday cake, and socially awkward social activities.  Back in those days, (am I that old?) there were not as many alternative food options as there are today.  Eating out became something I wanted to avoid, and was potential for a mini (or sometimes major) meltdown.  But, having experienced the shift in behavior, focus, energy, and well-being – my 10-year-old self quickly became committed to choosing the right foods for my body because I KNEW I felt and functioned better.

My fourth grade teachers probably never would’ve guessed I would end up graduating Valedictorian, Class President, All-State Choir, and all that jazz… yes, this list also goes on as well. Can you say “over achiever”?!!!! Ha.

You’d never know I was that kid who was taken out of class by her teachers, whose parents were called to school, whose friend’s parents told them not to sit by her in class.  I was physically sick and an emotionally challenged child.  It’s pretty wild that in one year after changing the foods I ate, I became a functioning young person who has evolved into who I am today.  I’m FAR from perfect, but I can deal with life, and succeed – and that’s AMAZING!!!  These are things that were out of reach for the A.D.D., chronically sick, tired, and emotionally frustrated kid who once was.

It all changed because of food.

Real Food…

#Organic #EggFree #GlutenFree #DairyFree #Vegetables #Fruit and #AlternativeGrains!

I could talk about this forever, so perhaps I’ll make a series on “Why Birthday Cake Sucked” and “How My Life Changed For the Better Because of Food” (though it has become very tricky at times, but completely worth it).  In short, if you know someone struggling with focus, energy, health and emotions, or see a child who resembles anything like my description above – suggest food allergy and celiac testing at a reputable allergy clinic and wellness center.  The results could make a foggy existence seem like an unrecognizable past once they find the clarity in health, brain function, and emotional stability they are needing. It’s astounding what food can do!

On that note, here’s an easy, yummy eggplant recipe – just for you.  Because you are awesome, and you know it 😉 …


Hemp Hearts & Almond Flour Crusted Egg Plant

  1. Heat your frying pan on medium high.
  2. Slice egg plant moderately thin, and cover both sides of the slices with Coconut Oil.  Go on, use your hands. Get into it.
  3. Prep a side dish of three parts Almond Flour and one part Hemp Hearts.  Add Sea Salt & Red Pepper Flakes to season.
  4. Dip the egg plant slices into the mixture on both sides.
  5. Add extra Coconut Oil to your fry pan.  Place crusted slices into pan.  Fry and flip when needed!

Yum. Gluten free, tasty texture, added nutritional value, and a bit of spice…  What more can you ask for?!  This is the way I like to cook: pure, low maintenance, wholesome and filling!

*The rest of these veggies here are simply roasted in Olive Oil and Sea Salt.  Super easy.  Super tasty.  If you don’t have a garden of your own, consider joining a CSA next growing season to save on cost and ensure you’ve got a variety of produce to color your diet.  Community Supported Agriculture is the way to go, baby!





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