Scary Shed Turned Friendly ART SHACK (Before & After)


Welcome to my art shack.  My new creative space!


What once was a “scary”, spider haven is now my little retreat, and will be a great space to share with the family once our new addition arrives.  Between two adults, a 13 year old and a newborn, we will need, and appreciate this extra ‘room’!


Let me walk you through our outdoor/indoor transformation…


We opted for Sherwin-Williams, Emerald exterior, primer & paint in Antique White, because we know it covers exceptionally well.  Annnnnd we purchased this Graco Magnum paint sprayer!  We are building & flipping our first house right now, so this bad boy will see plennnty of action.

Speaking of bad boys, let’s demonstrate the difference between proper eye & lung protection verses improper (or what happened to be impromptu) paint spraying gear.


On primer day, Todd made due with a cotton handkerchief and Tyler’s cardboard, Christmas glasses that turn lights into 3D snowflakes.  I’m sure these were super easy to see with 😉 . So, the very next day he suited himself up with proper gear: goggles, a mask, and liquid resistant gloves.

Thankfully he’s artistic and handy, and can do for me what I cannot during pregnancy.  Although Sherwin-Williams does make a no VOC paint line suitable for expecting mothers, Harmony is for interiors (like our living room where we painted over textured wallpaper).  For this job we needed a bit more to cover metal & concrete (and weather the weather), which is why we went with their Emerald line.


We hung these patio lights above and vintage curtains (found at the flip house) at the back to cover storage.  Then we threw down a durable area rug to start bringing in art supplies and functional furniture.


I got these wooden, slat, vintage folding chairs at The Prairie Chick Market.  They could use a creative paint job, but even in their tired and worn state, they feel crafty & content in this DIY shack.


Shelves are filled with music, books, inspiration, acrylics, water colors, oil & chalk pastels, Polaroid cameras, you name it!  Baskets and a variety of storage containers were found at the thrift store on the cheap.


Here we have an assortment of papers and card stock to suit your needs, extra seating and an amp, because why not plug in when you’re in the music making mood?


Write or sing a song or two… to your dog.  Because if you’ve got a pet with four legs – canine, feline, maybe even equine – they are most likely interested in your whereabouts 90% of the time (or at least curious as to what that noise – I mean, awesome SOUND – is)!


Retire to the table if you’d like to draw, paint, sketch your new life plan, or write a poem… (to your dog).  (I just had to throw that in there!  Maybe write one to your husband who painted your shed 😀 , or to your baby soon to arrive, or to your future self, or your inner child. Heck, who cares!  The important thing is to get creative.  “Writers block” can be a building block.  Change your perspective and play with a new medium.)


The artist, Sol LeWitt, said, “Just DO.”  Read more of his letters to counterpart, artist, Eva Hesse, encouraging her to get out of her own way and dare to make what she thought might be ‘bad’ art.  He said, “Stop thinking, …Don’t worry about cool, make your own uncool, …Try to do some BAD work – the worst you can think of and see what happens but mainly relax and let everything go to hell, …You don’t have to justify your work – not even to yourself, …JUST DO!


String wire in old, empty frames to hang your doodles, notes, and ‘bad’ art. 😉


Grab more wire or twine from your stash if that wasn’t enough!

Then, dive into your next project.


Or get theatrical and “Brush up your Shakespeare!”


In doing so, you may catch your reflection and notice your unrecognizable shape & realize how SOON your life is about to change again in a beautiful way…


From my dog, Radar, (my first, adopted ‘child’), and my baby bump to you: I hope you enjoyed your personal tour of “Makie’s Art Shack”, a.k.a. the lady (or WOman) cave!


A big thanks to my hubby, Captain Caveman, for painting the interior for me!


I encourage you to consider making your own creative space & start MAKING ART!

Much Love,

Makenzie Bloomer

(a.k.a. Lady Bloom)

Photos © Makie / Makenzie Bloomer | Native Gypsies & Rachel Kesselem




About Makie ↞ Maker of Indie/Folk Music & Art. Lover of horses, farm & natural living. Earth child here @NativeGypsies. Living the SoCal Beach-Life & Midwest Farm-Life. ↠ Meet MakieStories by Makie

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  1. Lill
    June 3, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Your Art Shack looks like fun and YOU are positively glowing!

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