Before I Speak


Before I speak, I must surrender.

Surrender to the solitary oneness in my mind.

Fragmented pieces, that so combine to form a whole.

A thought. A truth. A sound…

Before I speak, I must remember.

Remember feelings, dignity, authenticity.

Remember to be kind.  To see inside your heart, and start there.

Remember you’re a part (of the whole).

My body, my blood, my bones, my eyes…

My wandering eyes, searching eyes.

Eyes that become not physical,

but a spiritual highway to your soul.

See me, and I’ll see you.

I promise this.

Surrender, remember,

And then I’ll speak.

Speak truth.

Speak heart and mind.

Speak love.

Speak wisdom,


Speak passion.

Speak with words,

With song, image, and dance.

And no sound at all.

Speak with eyes,

And body.


If you’d like,

You shall know me…

Simply listen to the words I do not say.

Listen, look, feel your way…

If you seek,

You shall find,





About Makie ↞ Maker of Indie/Folk Music & Art. Lover of horses, farm & natural living. Earth child here @NativeGypsies. Living the SoCal Beach-Life & Midwest Farm-Life. ↠ Meet MakieStories by Makie

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