Biloxi Blues, Master Bed + Bath

Remember when I told you about:

“The Innovative Stunt Man & Singing Farm Girl Flipper”

(That’s my husband and me!)

Well, we finished our first flipping feat (a remodel turned reBUILD), and sold it quite quickly!  It was a learning experience to say the least, but now we know how to do “EVERYTHING” when it comes to fixing homes.  Which makes us fairly confident our next projects are going to seem like a breeze compared to this one!

I wanted to show you the Master Bed + Bath.

We went with grey-blues in here, which is fun to say, since this home is located on Biloxi Avenue.  (Ever see the Neil Simon play or film, BILOXI BLUES?!  In my early Acting days, fellow classmates did a scene from the play, and the title has stuck with me ever since.  Of course I Netflixed the film when it was available…  (Can you believe I just said that?  Like to ‘Netflix’ is a verb, such as to ‘Google’ is a verb (I suppose much the same as to ‘Text’ and to ‘Facebook’ or to ‘SnapChat’ is a verb??)  I digress (and have taken us into parentheses within parentheses of nonsense…) I’m a total nerd!)

That said, I do get excited about color, whether you consider that nerdy or not. 😉

Here, we chose to do the main walls of the Master in Sherwin-Williams “Samovar Silver”.  It’s a beautiful subtle grey with blue overtones.  It’s very restful, yet with a bit more sound than the wispy grey we chose for the larger, main living area of the rest of the home (I’ll show you more in another post).

I’m a big fan of anchoring a room with an accent wall.  We splurged on this beautiful clawfoot tub in this rich, slate blue color, which got me eagerly fanning out my swatch book of colors the day it arrived to find a match.  See how lovely the Sherwin-Williams “Grays Harbor” balances out the tub?  Ah! I just love it.  (It’s so tempting to want to keep these homes we create and fix-up for ourselves, however it’s a really nice feeling knowing we get to do this for the enjoyment of others.)

I really adored the farm-style tile we chose for this bath, and the dark, river-stones on the luxury, shower floor.  I wish I still had Todd’s video demonstration of the rain-shower & body-sprays.  (Don’t worry, he was fully clothed!)  I tell ya, my husband makes me laugh on a daily basis, which is a VERY good thing!

Just like Forest Gump and Jennayyy go together like ‘peas and carrots’, so does farm-style tile and barn doors…

Our walk-in closet was like a regular old shed entrance (only a farm-girl would appreciate that reference, I’m sure 😛 ); thank goodness we glammed the place up a bit w/a few crystal sconces and a little gem of a chandelier above the tub for anyone who might want a little glitz mixed w/their ‘grit’.

To top off the this splendorous, slumbering suite, Todd couldn’t resist mixing in our love of the outdoors, so we installed these custom bi-fold doors that open up nearly the entire wall to the back yard!  Open or closed, there’s plenty of natural light in this warm retreat.

We are now in the process of choosing paint colors for our next flip (a place that sits on the water and was built like a ship!).  I can’t wait to share more!

Fair winds my favored readers…till we meet again,

Miss Mak

All photos © Daniel Dahler Photography




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