Boho chic style: patterned maxi dress

This season, patterned boho maxi dresses are showing up everywhere. Get your floral or paisley maxi now, and check out my picks below to splurge or save.


Be bold and beautiful with a Yumi Kim Enchanted Maxi in Black Vintage Poppy for $298, or save and snag this ModCloth Gambol in the Garden dress for $69.99.

Yumi Kim maxi dress, ModCloth maxi dress
left: Yumi Kim, right: ModCloth


Both of these feminine picks are strong and stunning. Wear for day or even at night. Be sure to #nativegypsies on twitter and tell us how many times you get stopped and asked “where’d you get that dress?” You’re going to lose track.

On Etsy, this AlysonReneeNYC silk maxi dress is a steal at $87.50! If you prefer designer, get the Ted Baker Maldine jewel paisley maxi dress for $395.

 AlysonReneeNYC, Ted Baker
left: AlysonReneeNYC (Etsy), right: Ted Baker

Wait long enough, and clothes always come back in cycle. At least, that’s what someone like me (meaning someone who keeps the same clothes for decades) prefers to believe.

I’ve had this patterned maxi for years, which I purchased from an elderly lady for $.50 at a garage sale.


Wear bare, or pair with a fitted jacket, as I did wandering the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago recently.




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  1. Alyson Renee
    May 14, 2015 at 10:11 pm

    Thanks for featuring my Silk paisley Maxi dress. Check out my new collection of hand-dyed silk caftans, fringe kimonos, sarongs, bell-bottoms & skirts at

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