Breadless BLT appetizer

breadless BLT (©Native Gypsies)

Have you heard of tea sandwiches? Your grandparents probably enjoyed the bite-sized sandwiches during a mid-day break to tide them over until supper (or dinner, depending on where you live geographically). BLTs are thought to have gained popularity for tea time.

Using in-season ingredients sans bread, try my fresh take on the classic American tea sandwich.


Breadless BLT ingredients

B. Beeler’s bacon (preserved with sea salt and celery powder)

L. Earthbound Farm arugula (organic)

T. Paulson Farms heirloom tomato


Mayo: Chosen Foods avocado oil mayo (100% non-GMO, ingredients you’ll recognize, cage-free eggs)

Thank you Chosen Foods for providing the jar in this post for review! I haven’t purchased mayonnaise in years and years due to ingredient concerns. I appreciated that there was no soy oil and non-natural preservative, and it doesn’t taste “healthy” (even your kids will like it). Chosen Foods mayo is made from avocado oil (rich in healthy fats, anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin E)!

Making a breadless BLT

For the base of the appetizer, I painted both sides of the tomato slices with olive oil from Queen Creek Olive Mill. My family and I visited their olive farm in Arizona, and we brought back plenty of non-GMO, authentic olive oil! See more from our visit in my post on Gilbert: healthy travel.

Healthy travel: Gilbert, AZ (food, farms and hiking)

non-GMO, authentic, U.S.A. olive oil

Since basil is in season (and tastes incredible with tomato), I snipped a leaf to add to each tomato slice. Mmm! The leaves’ aroma is second only to mint leaves (fitting, since they’re in the same family).

basil in my garden (©Native Gypsies)

In a baking pan, I arranged the tomato slices, added crushed garlic, shaved parmesan, salt and pepper, and topped with basil.

parmesan basil tomato (©Native Gypsies)

Ready to roast at 400° for 20 minutes.

roasted parmesan basil tomato (©Native Gypsies)

I cooked the bacon on the stovetop as the tomatoes roasted in the oven. Once the tomatoes were ready to serve, I sliced them in half, spread Chosen Foods avocado oil mayo, added bacon and topped with arugula. Time for a snack!

breadless BLT (©Native Gypsies)

Cutting board

The cutting board pictured above was handcrafted by my friend’s grandfather, and gifted to my husband and I for our wedding. I especially cherish this gift, considering that I have many childhood memories in my friend’s grandfather’s woodworking shop.

Tea saucers

Since BLTs started out as tea sandwiches, it seemed fitting to serve my breadless BLTs on saucers from my Grandma’s tea and sandwich plate collection.

Breadless BLT Preparation


B. bacon

L. arugula (or sub for lettuce)

T. beefy tomato

Tomato Seasoning:

olive oil







thin slice tomato

use silicone basting brush to paint both sides with olive oil

add grated parmesan, salt, pepper, crushed garlic and basil leaves

add to baking dish, roast at 400° for 20 minutes

meanwhile, cook bacon on stovetop

halve or quarter roasted tomatoes, top with Chosen Foods avocado oil mayo, bacon and arugula

5 ways to use mayo

make a flavored mayo for a dip or sandwich spread, like this basil garlic mayo from Epicurious

deviled eggs (now I’m craving my aunt’s famous deviled eggs)

sea salted sweet potato hand-cut fries with seasoned mayo

burger topping (add bacon, lettuce and tomato for a BLT burger)

sandwich (this would be my husband’s top choice! How about homemade Russian dressing for a reuben?

What’s your favorite way to use mayo? Share with the native gypsies community!

breadless BLT appetizer (©Native Gypsies)
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