Bridal hair & makeup: classic wedding look

Having the perfect wedding day look is just like every other formal event, except that there’s no redo or next event to redeem yourself if you have a fashion or beauty blunder. For my own wedding day, looking like me was the plan, albeit a slightly enhanced version of me. On a typical day, I wear little to no makeup and let my hair air dry, so I didn’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed, nor did I want to be unrecognizable. I’ll take somewhere in between, please.

Photo Credit: Ana Ankeny Photography

*Photos are not retouched


SkinWeleda Skin Food

Start with a clean and moisturized face. Since my skin tends to be dry in the winter, I followed up my usual moisturizer with Weleda Skin Food (by putting a dime-sized amount on my fingertips and pressing it into my skin). Years ago, I remember reading that famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown used it on models on-set for photo shoots. I toured the diverse, biodynamic Weleda farm in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, and I’m a fan for life! See pictures from my day on the Weleda farm. If you want to give thirsty skin a healthy moisturized glow, this is the goop!


Day to day, I wear a BB Cream (tinted moisturizer with SPF).

Luminess Air Brush Makeup
Luminess Air Makeup

For a more flawless but still natural look, I opted to airbrush my foundation for the wedding. Familiar with airbrush makeup from working beauty shows and doing makeup for photo shoots and promotional events for brands, I already owned a Luminess Air brush system. First step: airbrush on the moisturizing primer base. Next step: apply the foundation (literally just drops of liquid in the airbrush gun) along with a drop of glow boost. The result was very lightweight; airbrush makeup hardly looks or feels like you have anything on. You’ll look like you, only better;)

The majority of my makeup bag is filled with Mineral Fusion products. This natural cosmetic line, available at most co-ops and Whole Foods stores, carries everything I need (sans the chemicals I don’t). From their line, I finished my face with the following from Mineral Fusion:
Warm Concealer Duo (for contour and under-eye)

Creation Blush

Sparkle Bronzer (for contour and framing the face for a natural glow)Mineral-Fusion-fresh-face-look

The contouring wasn’t over done or obvious, as contouring can look harsh in daylight. But I could definitely tell in this playful black and white. Cheekbones; hurrah!



Since my lips were a caramel shade, I chose to not wear a stain, and instead picked a tinted lip balm that was easy to reapply. However, if you’re wearing a more bold color, a stain won’t wear off on your groom’s lips, flower girls’ cheeks and the shoulder of any tall drink of water you dance with or hug.


Mineral Fusion Lip pencil- Elegantlip-liner-moisturizing-tinted-lip-balm-mineral-fusion
Mineral Fusion Sheer moisture lip tint- Glisten (hydrating and easy to reapply on-the-go).
Maybelline Blackest Black Gel Eyeliner

-Mineral Fusion Smoothing eye primer (to smooth eye and prolong wear of eyeshadow)

Maybelline Blackest Black Gel Eyeliner (applied with Mineral Fusion eye liner/brow brush)

-Mineral Fusion Rose Gold eye shadow trio (My co-worker, cosmetologist and friend Michelle saw MF_Eye_Shadow_Trio_ROSE_GOLD_01810_1200x1200_grandethe rose gold eye shadow trio at a Whole Foods store with me, and said I had to use it for my wedding. She was spot on; the colors are so classic and Hollywood glamour.

-Mineral Fusion Volumizing jet mascara (no, I didn’t do waterproof. I dislike the flaky, crusty feel of waterproof makeup. If your makeup tends to run, another idea would be to use regular mascara but lightly cover the lashes in a final coat of waterproof makeup.

Fake eyelashes seemed appealing, but a little to,
well, fake. Makeup pros opt for individual lash
pieces (verses the strip) for a more natural look, but I don’t have the patience. I used an eyelash curler for the first time, likely since high school (prompting my niece to look in wonder and utter “what’s thaaaaaat?”)

ZuZu Luxe Cream Brow Pencil- Mink (defined brows make the eyes pop, Mink-zuzu-natural-eyeliner
lifts the face)

The makeup lasted through a day and late night of smiles, laughter and many happy tears!


Amy Stebbins, my friend and owner of Bay Salon & Boutique in Minnetonka, MN, cut and colored my hair around two weeks before W-day. When I told her I wanted my hair to have more volume (but not necessarily length) for my wedding, she recommended wearing The Layered Halo.

Halo Couture The Layered Halo
Halo Couture: The Layered Halo

Before going to my hair test appointment, I scoured Pinterest for a wedding hairstyle. I considered it up. I considered it down. I  diplomatically considered half up and half down when I couldn’t decide. Once I stepped back to see what I was consistently drawn to, I had a clear picture of what to show and tell my stylist.

wedding hairstyle inspiration: brunette curls

And hello, gorgeous! Va-va-vroom!

Raquel Welch wearing nothing like no one else can

Classic Cuts (Vicki Hassing) styled my hair the day of the wedding. Too bad it doesn’t look like that every day. She’s gooood!

Matt Hussey Brooke Ziegler Wedding
Photo by: Ana Ankeny Photography

Vicki (of Classic Cuts) commented that years ago, bridal parties always had the salon do both their hair and makeup, but a growing trend she’s seen is brides and bridesmaids doing their own makeup. I considered hiring a makeup artist, but with our intimate wedding, far from a major metro, I thought I’d be most comfortable doing my own.

Brooke Ziegler Wedding Day Makeup Native Gypsies
Photo by: Ana Ankeny Photography

I highly recommend feeling comfortable with your wedding day look. Porcelain dolls are beautiful to look at, but not to play with. Rather than being a delicate creature on display at your wedding, don’t be afraid to get messy. Hug and hold and dance with whomever you choose (I recommend your spouse) and celebrate your day with the ones you love!



Don’t try out new skincare or cosmetics that day! The day of your wedding isn’t the day to find out you break out in a rash from photo finish primer.

Don’t wipe your tears away! Dab. Dab. Dab.

Don’t forget to smile! It’s more attractive than anything you can paint, brush or smear on your face.

No cosmetic matches the beauty of a smile


When considering your wedding hair and makeup, instead of being trendy, think about what would make you smile (rather than laugh) when you look at your wedding album 20 years from now. Simple is always on trend.

If you’re hiring a pro to do your hair and makeup, show them what you have in mind rather than tell them. You might just find one (or 1000) ideas on Pinterest.

Pack a touch-up kit or emergency kit the day of your wedding. Bring items like sponges, tissue, glue (for falsies), your team of lip products, hydrating mist if you’re dry or blotting tissues or setting powder if you’re oily, stain remover stick, safety pins, etc.

Relax. Take in the little moments (including everything that doesn’t go right). Enjoy the beauty of your day, beautiful.

-#love Brooke







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