You want the quick read or the whole bio? This is like one of those choose your own adventure books you loved as a kid.

To the Point

“Farm girl with a gypsy heart. Life-long obsession for shopping junking and all things vintage. Working on being a wife & mama, our next travel adventure, enjoying the little moments, colorful salads and a healthy earth.”

The Nitty Gritty

I lovingly blame it all on my family. Rather, I should say I credit them for each and every passion (ahem, madness) and eccentricity I explore on Native Gypsies. Read about Grandma Lillie (the radio queen hat lady), Farmer Don (the junker and entrepreneur), and the whole lovely (but shyer) bunch! Once you do, you’ll see why I never wanted a traditional job or life. You too? I knew we were kindred spirits.

As for former me, I worked in the experiential marketing world in the big city (no, not New York. But if you ask my family, I’m a city slicker). I wore a new hat (and sometimes costume) every day to play a part. I’ve been a spokesmodel at countless festivals, tradeshows, and sporting and concert venues. And I’ve been published as both a model and writer. Fun, right? That’s what I thought.

I don’t know who “they” are, but they say home is where the ♥ is. And da#*it, they were right. My home was a small farm town in Minnesota. Visiting my parents one weekend, I found a paper from high school that I’d written my life goals in. I was going to be a farmer like my dad (while coming up with an answer for drought and flooding), live in my hometown, and travel the world. Oopsies. Where’d that dream go, while I was off having ‘fun’ in the city? That thought really stuck with me. So what did I do? Nothing. The end.0048 (2)

Nah, I’m kiddin’! I moved back to my hometown, drive combine for my dad in the fall, and I’ve traveled to dozens of cities and countries since making that life change. Along the way, I met and married a goofy, kind-hearted, health nut (with a weakness for pizza and chocolate chip cookies) hockey player. And we recently started a joint venture for our best creation yet- our son! The ‘fun’ work? Now I own a company that hires brand ambassadors and promotional models for experiential marketing work. In school, I also recall wanting to design totally impractical and fabulous clothing and live in my dad’s primitive cabin in the woods, but hold your horses! We’ll get there too.

That’s where Native Gypsies comes in. My friend Makenzie and I grew up in the same town, had very similar upbringings, and then went very different directions for a decade or more. Still, we both ended up in the exact same place (well, down the street from one another).  She’s another peculiar, curious cat, just like you and me. I wish we had a picture of our first meditation experience to show you. We were two gangly, giddy, curly-haired 14 year olds, and I was trying to instruct both of us on how to meditate in the school locker room. If I remember correctly, some older, cooler girls came in, and we were humiliated and scurried away!

Now we’re the older ones, but certainly not cooler. And that’s ok! Better than ok. Be “uncool” and go after your passions! When you live out your passions, you rediscover your child-like enthusiasm and love for life that’s contagious. Achoo, now it’s on you…

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