Tell me all your THOUGHTS on WATER

Did you know the human body is more than 60% water? (Our blood is approximately 92% water.  Our brain & muscles are 75% water, and our bones are about 22% water.)   I was watching “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” the other day.  It’s a pretty cheesy and equally thought-provoking film about Quantum Physics and the power of thought (good thing it provoked some).  They made mention of a Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, who discovered several interesting effects on the molecular structure of frozen water samples before and after exposing the water to blessings, written words on bottles, and music.

Here’s the deal (you’ve GOT to look at the images!)…  the crystal patterns from polluted water literally changed to beautiful snowflake-like structures once exposed to various positive messaging.  (By contrast, water exposed to negative emotion & thought became unorganized and sickly looking.)  So, if water from polluted rivers and lakes can be changed, healed, made stronger, more beautiful and full of life… can you imagine what would happen to our own health, energy levels, and radiance if we were to send our brain, muscles, blood and bones positive messaging?

Think on that.

May you bless your body with love and kindness.


image, Makie © RW Jones

 And may we treat the water we drink, bathe, and play in with care.  Our oceans, lakes, and rivers depend on us to treat them right.  We can’t exist without their vitality.


image © me 😛   Vintage Dishware: Thrift Stores, Grandma Ankeny, Cool Cousin – Jeni, and my MOM @




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