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As a native Minnesotan, Aveda is a staple natural beauty brand in its home state. The scent of Aveda comforting tea brings memories of sipping on a hot drink while being pampered in the Aveda salons and spas. After a particular hair appointment, I ran into a friend, who immediately announced “mmm! You smell like Aveda.”

Photo: Emilia Eriksson

I was after the signature scent and taste of Aveda comfort tea a few years ago, when I searched the ingredient list. The price tag for a box or bottle is a hefty one, so the DIYer in me decided I could make it myself for less. Check out these three DIY ideas (easy, easier and easiest in reverse order).

DIY: easiest

Like it quick, easy and cheap? The cheat way I make DIY comfort tea is mixing a licorice root tea bag and a mint tea bag together. You’ll get double the brew using two bags, so if you double your water, save the extra and chill for later. Aveda’s tea additionally contains fennel and basil, but you’ll get the taste of the original with these two simple ingredients.

DIY comfort tea

When Organic India (peppermint- 18 bags), Equal Exchange (peppermint- 20 bags) or Traditional Medicinals (licorice root or peppermint- 16 bags) USDA Organic teas are on sale at my local health food co-op, I pick up a few boxes for around $3 per box.

Not near a store that sells organic tea? It’ll run you more to buy online, but here’s a few options.

Yogi also sells Egyptian Licorice Mint tea, though it includes a slew of herbs and spices not included in Aveda’s comfort tea. The Yogi and Organic India licorice teas also include additional ingredients in addition to the hero ingredient (licorice root).

DIY: easier

Brew licorice and peppermint, but add a dash of fennel seed and a basil leaf to your tea as it steeps, to complete the list of Aveda comforting tea ingredients.

DIY: easy (recipe)

Note that the below isn’t Aveda’s original recipe; this is blogger Wisdom and Honey’s replica of the stress-relieving comforting tea.

DIY Aveda comfort tea recipe-native-gypsies
DIY Aveda comfort tea (recipe: Wisdom and Honey) (Graphic: Native Gypsies)

Visit Wisdom and Honey for the full recipe and instructions. You’ll enjoy her step-by-step directions, and the pictures of her toddler daughter assisting in the kitchen!


The DIY tea recipe makes the perfect gift for anyone who needs pampering or stress relief. Make a batch, add to mason jars, label your creation on these waterproof chalk labels and tie a decorative ribbon, scarf or twine to the mouth of the label. Voilà!

Don’t have time to recreate the recipe at home?


Aveda tea is 100% organic and has no added sugars. The packaging states that it promotes calmness and well-being. A box of 20 bags of comforting tea on the Aveda site costs $19, or nearly double on Amazon* ($36.99 for 20 bags).

Enjoy your Aveda comforting buy or diy tea, and share it with a friend!
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