Autumn is the time of year when crops and fruits are gathered.  However, the Autumn I experience in California is a lot different from the Fall-time harvest of the small, Midwestern farm I grew up on.  Instead of yellowing fields of corn with husks drying to paper-like textures, spanning the horizon where golden colors fallContinue reading

I can’t help it.  The jumpsuit …and the hair.  They both come from my MOM.  What can I do?!  (Brooke has the same hair. Although we aren’t related, friends are the family you choose, so they say!  (I really don’t know who ‘they’ are, but they sure know a lot.)) Ever since I was aContinue reading

Hippie Headscarf

I was strolling in the hip, funky Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, and in addition to great tacos at Big Star and a fancy schmancy cocktail at The Violet Hour, I spotted a new favorite way to wear a scarf (via the hippie headscarf wrap). She’s so adorable, right?! Hello, Rihanna! To get her stylish look, follow theseContinue reading

dr bronner makeup brush cleaner

Dr. Bronner liquid castile soap may not have room on their bottle for any more tiny print, but if they did, makeup brush cleaner could be added to the list of many uses. If you’re turning your house into an all-natural casa, add Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soap to your list of must-haves.Continue reading

Aiko High Skinny Joga Medium Wash Silver Jeans

Silver’s Joga jean is the jean you won’t want to take off. Yes, they’re that comfortable. My sister called me enthusiastically from the mall about her new Silver jeans. She raved about how comfortable they were (she since bought two varieties of the Joga). Some combination of the words “they feel as good as sweatpants”Continue reading

Boston's 2.5 mile fashion freedom trail

If you’re visiting Boston (once all the snow disappears), walk the famous Freedom Trail (simply follow the red line) to thefrontsteps of Paul Revere’s home and the site of the Boston Massacre. 2.5 miles. Once you’ve taken in the city’s rich history, walk the 2.5 mile fashion freedom trail. “Fashion freedom trail? Never heard of it,”Continue reading

napa casual, cowgirl boots, napa fashion

Heading to Napa for a wedding, I stared blankly at my closet (and my 2nd closet, and my 3rd closet). I’d come to the realization that my closet(s) is anything but what I pictured ‘Napa casual’ to be. Ohhhh, crap (and seriously, “ohhh crap”? What a Minnesotan thing of me to say.) My friend Makie (AKAContinue reading

It’s not what you think – although I love a good tube of color. I sometimes wish I had a plump, perfect pucker to flawlessly pull-off MAC’s “Russian Red” matte lipstick. But I humbly accept a non-perfect pucker and will wear it anyway. [As soon as I get the nerve to spend $14.50 on aContinue reading