How do you get your daily dose of water wellness? Filtered water in a cup or reusable bottle? Plastic water bottles? From the faucet? What about frolicking up to a fresh water mineral spring and drinking straight from the source? Maybe in our dreams, but glass bottled water from mineral springs IS accessible for theContinue reading

curry cilantro deviled eggs Native Gypsies

This Easter, I missed out on our holiday dinner with my relatives for the first time while my husband and I were still in France as his hockey season wrapped up. Family holidays have at least one long-standing tradition- seeing how fast everyone eats my aunt’s famous deviled eggs. Since I missed out, I came upContinue reading

Remember when I told you about: “The Innovative Stunt Man & Singing Farm Girl Flipper” (That’s my husband and me!) Well, we finished our first flipping feat (a remodel turned reBUILD), and sold it quite quickly!  It was a learning experience to say the least, but now we know how to do “EVERYTHING” when itContinue reading


While celebrating the holiday season in France, I couldn’t find eggnog at the grocery co-op or outdoor markets. What’s a Christmas without eggnog — not a Christmas I want to know. I concocted the below eggnog recipe, which is a more traditional eggnog. Full of fat and full of goodness!  *See the links at the endContinue reading


Life since getting married Thanksgiving weekend has been quite an adventure. My little, old-fashioned DIY wedding That’s us! Soon after our wedding, we headed to Eastern Europe as newlyweds, where my husband played for a Slovakian hockey team. We lived in a hotel suite… Healthy hotel living for the cook without a kitchen traveled around EasternContinue reading

Our home’s 95th anniversary continues, as does our next home project. With one guest bedroom in the books (see our first bedroom facelift below), the adjoining guest bedroom was poised for a mini facelift. This old home: bedroom facelift before and after On to guest bedroom number two! WALLS wallpaper What appeared to be the original plaster walls were exposed as my husband and I removedContinue reading


Have you heard of tea sandwiches? Your grandparents probably enjoyed the bite-sized sandwiches during a mid-day break to tide them over until supper (or dinner, depending on where you live geographically). BLTs are thought to have gained popularity for tea time. Using in-season ingredients sans bread, try my fresh take on the classic American tea sandwich. Breadless BLTContinue reading

My husband and I are building & designing our first house to sell in Los Angeles, California. (Toluca Lake, to be exact.) In fact, we are aiming for our own HGTV show!  Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Todd is a stunt man.  Here he is on the TV show, “Nip Tuck”, doubling John Hensley (Matt McNamara). Continue reading


My ode to Ball, Kerr and Atlas continues from last week’s post on mason jar lids. 5 lids to morph your mason jars into kitchen gadgets My favorite place in my hometown is on our family farm. Lately, we’ve been clearing sheds for a farm party. My husband (the “city slicker” to my dad) uncovered mason jarsContinue reading

Welcome to our baby cove!  As the clock is quickly winding down to delivery time, my need to NEST has kicked in like crazy, and now that our corner nursery is complete – I can rest easy! HA.  Mockery I say.  I dispute that very self-made statement.   Rest, I shall… as well as any expecting mother can…Continue reading