Welcome to my art shack.  My new creative space! What once was a “scary”, spider haven is now my little retreat, and will be a great space to share with the family once our new addition arrives.  Between two adults, a 13 year old and a newborn, we will need, and appreciate this extra ‘room’!Continue reading

Have you ever seen the movie, “The Red Balloon”? Or “The Red Shoes”? These movies made a big impression on me as a youngster, and it makes me think how powerful color is in our lives.  Color is used in story telling; it evokes feelings of power, passion, strength, and danger, to feelings of serenity,Continue reading

DIY Aveda comfort tea recipe-native-gypsies

As a native Minnesotan, Aveda is a staple natural beauty brand in its home state. The scent of Aveda comforting tea brings memories of sipping on a hot drink while being pampered in the Aveda salons and spas. After a particular hair appointment, I ran into a friend, who immediately announced “mmm! You smell like Aveda.” I was after theContinue reading

13 foods to reuse: don't throw that out (Native Gypsies)

Throwing food waste in the garbage, garbage disposal or down the sink can be a habit you don’t second-guess as you food prep. Before you throw that out, think about a second use for your food scraps, veggie stalks and peels. Check out 13 foods commonly disposed of, and how you can give them new life. NewContinue reading

I’m a fan of wallpaper.  For just the right places and spaces.  Patterns and color are important to contemplate when designing a room.  Not only should you consider whether you think something is ‘cool’ or beautiful, but it’s smart to think about how you want to feel in the room you’re papering, and what youContinue reading

Bride and Groom sign on back of chair, Little Swan Lake Winery

For all thee old souls getting married, you don’t have to sacrifice your vintage soul for a modern-day wedding. DIY or buy the right decor to suit your un-modern tastes. My husband and I both enjoy digging for antique treasures at flea markets and estate sales. We fell in love in Europe, both with each other, and with the historic architectureContinue reading


If there’s one thing a flower girl wants on her big day (I mean, the bride’s big day), it’s to be just like the bride. When I was a flower girl, six-year-old me was devastated when I saw that the bridesmaids’ dresses were different from my own. That is, until my mom pointed out thatContinue reading


When you celebrate your 95th anniversary, you don’t need a birthday party. You need a facelift! As my house enters 95 years on (its little space on) Earth, I try my hand at a few minor cosmetic projects to honor the history of the house I call home. My most recent project was a guest bedroom.Continue reading

Todd bought a house to fix n’ flip. This is Todd.  I thought you’d like to see him. (He has a boat, and therefore he is “Captain”.) Captain CAAAAVE MAAAAAN, that is! The house has this great little garage with the most fabulous wallpaper I ever did see… And lots of junk to dig through.  Seriously,Continue reading