We didn’t experience mineral hot springs growing up in the Midwest. The closest I’d come to one is someone recounting a visit to a hot spring in the western United States and her family being horrified that everyone was naked! As an adult, finding and visiting hot springs in the areas we travel to are someContinue reading

Church of St. Martin in Čerín

On the top of a hill overlooking the peaceful village of Cerin (Čerín) in Slovakia sits a quiet church with a gothic history. Cerin is located 12 miles from the edge of Banska Bystrica (Banská Bystrica) in central Slovakia. (Google map directions from Banska Bystrica to Cerin). We toured the perimeter of the church, and the entrance to St.Continue reading


How do you eat healthy at home when you don’t have a kitchen to cook in? Just like making a craft meal, the chef in you needs to channel your creative side! Whether you’re living in a hotel due to work, or living in a kitchen-less dorm or studio, you can still cook health-conscious meals at yourContinue reading


Time to venture out of the city. In the wintertime, nature may be at rest, but not in the Slovakian mountains. We hiked to one of the highest waterfalls (a 23 meter shower) in Slovakia, located in the center of the country near Hrinova (Hriňová). Waterfall Bystre (Vodopád Bystré) is a treasure hidden within the ancient extinct volcano Pol’ana.Continue reading


We recently spent 24 hours in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. If you’re planning on making a stop in this Eastern European metro, see how we spent our 24 hours to get a taste of the city. PRECONCEIVED NOTION You can’t always believe what you hear. Before we arrived in Bratislava, I read how theContinue reading


For Americans visiting Europe, you have plenty of things to see, do and learn without worrying about where to go, well, you know… A top 10 list (plus one bonus) of things Americans should know about Euro bathrooms. 10. Reverse Toilet This is noted first because it’s the most dramatic difference between Europe and the states. As The Incredible KimmyContinue reading

I’ve always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl Flea.  It is one of the most famous markets in the world and features over 20,000 vendors.  If you’d like to make it a stop on your next trip to Pasadena, California, it happens the second Sunday of every month.  Mark your calendars! We went preparedContinue reading

It’s the weekend. Time to go shopping. But the weather is too perfect to be inside. What’s a girl to do? Take the party outside! It’s unusually warm this Minnesota Fall day, and I unusually have the day off (no pressing business and no harvest farm work yet). Ahhhhh. I took the party to the streetsContinue reading