venice gondola

Venice. Millions visit the city of romance every year. With crowded streets, low-quality food and foot blisters, the romance can quickly fizzle. Don’t get caught in the tourist trap! Before my own spring trip, I read a variety of sites that gave various do’s and don’ts, and we still ended up with our share of trialContinue reading

“An Escape from the New York City and the Suburbs Thereof” This weekend my friend and I rented a fabulous house in the Catskills for a few days.  We loaded up some groceries, Radar, my guitar, some art supplies, a few good books, hiking shoes and we were off! This is what we found… We cameContinue reading

Flying. I don’t ride roller coasters. I don’t ride tilta whirls, sizzlers, pirate ships or rocket flippity-do-das… But I fly. I fly to get places that would otherwise take a day or two of alternate travel. I happen to fly quite a bit lately thanks to my generous cousins and their hard-earned United Airlines perks.Continue reading

DIY Garden Tool Rack

If you’re reading a post (no pun intended, per the title of this particular post) on here for the first time, I’m a big fan of DIY projects and upcycling junk. The garden post below was starting to rot in my back yard, before it was given a new lease on life. Tools needed: skilsaw:Continue reading

napa casual, cowgirl boots, napa fashion

Heading to Napa for a wedding, I stared blankly at my closet (and my 2nd closet, and my 3rd closet). I’d come to the realization that my closet(s) is anything but what I pictured ‘Napa casual’ to be. Ohhhh, crap (and seriously, “ohhh crap”? What a Minnesotan thing of me to say.) My friend Makie (AKAContinue reading

When I was a little girl, summer nights on the farm were magical. Well, they still are – but I’m thinking of a time when I was younger.  A time when my world was much simpler… In this time I have a favorite pajama shirt with a cartoon woodchuck on it.  The cotton fabric’s wornContinue reading