Autumn is the time of year when crops and fruits are gathered.  However, the Autumn I experience in California is a lot different from the Fall-time harvest of the small, Midwestern farm I grew up on.  Instead of yellowing fields of corn with husks drying to paper-like textures, spanning the horizon where golden colors fallContinue reading

Having grown up on a farm intrinsically makes me an ever-conscious person with how my foot-steps impact the earth.  Now that I live by the ocean, I am becoming increasingly more interested in how we can care for the Aquatic life of Nature’s deep, under belly in the fathoms below! Practicing Yoga helps me attuneContinue reading

I love to wrap up in a “story” or two in cold, Winter months.  Whether I’m visiting my farm in snowy Minnesota or at home in Los Angeles, my vintage, hand-me-down & thrift-store sweaters are a favorite garb for grab! (Winter isn’t the only time for sweaters, see my post on “Androgynous Fall Fashion” below.)Continue reading


I’ve been asking myself what the health is going on with America’s insurance the last few years, as health insurance premiums spike 50% per year for many (cough…cough…me). I needed to shop for a new health insurance carrier for 2017 since the company I’ve been insured by since I graduated is dumping me. I shouldn’t take itContinue reading

No one is perfect. Not our religious leaders. Not our presidential candidates. Not you. And not me. And now that I’ve offended you, pause and take three deep breaths before continuing. More on that later. Between then and now, contemplate this. Replace stupid with mean, angry, hateful, or any other negative attribute, and that sums upContinue reading


You can be fit without a gym, religious without a place of worship, and a yogi without a yoga studio.  This post was made possible by Blogger Babes and contains affiliate links. I received a complimentary subscription of the Yoga Download service in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts are 100% my own. The yoga-less yogisContinue reading

Model and Texas native Lacey Lamon found a new name and a new home when she moved to Minnesota. Now Lacey Salley, the mother of three continues her modeling career, just at a more relaxed pace. I first met Lacey nearly a decade ago, and she’s as sweet as any native Minnesotan (must be herContinue reading

Like Father, Like Daughter

“Oh, NOW I see why you are the way you are,” my husband joked to me once he started spending quality time with my dad. I thought daughters were supposed to marry someone like their father. Apparently not when they ARE like their father. On this Father’s Day, instead of sharing wonderful memories that shaped me into who I am, I laughContinue reading

The True Cost Native Gypsies

Have you seen the True Cost documentary on Netflix? Spoiler alert: it’s an inconvenient truth about the fashion industry that’s too big to ignore. See four ways to make a positive impact and ask the questions that spark change. I watched it while my husband and I were living in Slovakia this past winter, mostly because we had oneContinue reading