DIY Lime Pie Deodorant

The ‘Secret’ is out; deodorant labels are the pits! Cyclops-a-who? Dipropy-what? Much of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your skin, so it can be just as important to wear healthy ingredients as it is to eat them! Still, our sweaty, stinky underarms keep us coming back for more aluminum and friends.Continue reading

Prior to our wedding in Minnesota, I joked with my soon-to-be step son that I was going to wear these with my dress… They definitely cover the “something blue” category, and he thought they were absolutely the coolest thing ever, but I told him I was more likely to wear cowboy boots. Which is whatContinue reading

Weleda Skin Food

When someone turns 90, you throw a celebration with those you love! When Weleda’s Skin Food turns 90, you get everyone to celebrate something you love! And you give out gifts* (see end of post for giveaway details). I’ve been using Weleda’s organic, nourishing Skin Food cream on my head, shoulders, knees and toes (and nails,Continue reading

I will forever love wearing hand-me-downs from my family.  Especially the vintage items.  Although, I’m sure my mom doesn’t appreciate that her High School graduation dress is considered vintage.  But that just means I’m getting old, too.  So we’ll accept that, and step into our wise, womanhood with grace and beauty, and the perfect amountContinue reading


News to brides-to-be. Even if you know what you’re looking for, wedding dress shopping can be hard (and time draining). You have to consider many factors. What is your style? What is your budget? What is your timeframe for ordering? Then, there’s deal-breakers, like if you can move in the dress and how it will complement yourContinue reading

At Native Gypsies we are drawn to things of a different generation.  We love stories.  We love creating.  We love family. Brooke and I have remarked on several occasions this last year how we are surprising ourselves by how old-fashioned we are becoming.  It might not be completely en-vogue, but we’d rather be real andContinue reading

Having the perfect wedding day look is just like every other formal event, except that there’s no redo or next event to redeem yourself if you have a fashion or beauty blunder. For my own wedding day, looking like me was the plan, albeit a slightly enhanced version of me. On a typical day, I wear little to noContinue reading


“Ooh, can I see your ring?” “Wait, what? He made it?” “Hold on, let me get my (friend, sister, mom) over here; you need to tell her about this.” When I run into friends and acquaintances since getting engaged, those are usually the questions and comments I receive about my engagement ring. Rings are a symbolContinue reading

Each Fall, this old soul sometimes-glamour girl trades the vintage dresses and cat eyes for a ponytail and work boots to work on my dad’s farm for harvest. Even when I lived in the metro, I still tried each year to come back for a few days during harvest. You know the old saying, “you can take theContinue reading