Music by M A K I E & Saul Simon MacWilliams. Recorded at The Lovely Light, Produced & Arranged by Saul Simon MacWilliams.  Special Thanks, Billy Libby.  Mastered by Alex DeTurk. Video featuring Colby James West. Dir., Dylan Paffe. DP, Stephen St.Peter. Prod. Mgr. & Art Dir., Colby James West. MUA, Emily Anderson. Wardrobe,Continue reading

Sometimes you need a break.  Sometimes the sun and the open road and the possibility of something fresh, wild and windy is just enticing.  Sometimes you need to laugh and breathe and forget and discover at the same time.  Sometimes – it’s just time. Let the sun seduce you into it’s hazy rays, crisp youContinue reading

Marisa Costa + Makie @ Mad Max Premiere A Film Review by Marisa Costa Women Are Mad Too. In some small way I’ve always thought that there were two kinds of films: action films, and all the others; Action films are loud, fast, and more about spectacle than story-telling. Obviously there are some great actionContinue reading