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Welcome to our baby cove!  As the clock is quickly winding down to delivery time, my need to NEST has kicked in like crazy, and now that our corner nursery is complete – I can rest easy!

HA.  Mockery I say.  I dispute that very self-made statement.   Rest, I shall… as well as any expecting mother can… “Comfortably” with ample pillows supporting an outstretched belly and achy everything.  I feel like a walking host organism! 😉  My body has become a flexible house for constantly moving, growing (and presumably adorable!) hands, feet, elbows, and toes.  (The person who said this part of the process is magical, miiiight’ve been smoking something that day.)

But, indeed, I feel immensely blessed and rather ♡ BEWITCHED ♡.  How appropriate it is that we chose Sherwin-Williams, Harmony “Moonmist” as the base color for our Shared, Master–Nursery Combination Suite!


Here’s a look at the corner BEFORE.


And voilà… Bada-bing, bang, baby-BOOM.  It’s a room fit for LITTLE Lady Bloom!

I don’t subscribe to thinking only pink for girls and buying blue for boys.  First of all, there are SO MANY colors in the rainbow.  Second of all, there are SO MANY COLORS IN THE RAINBOW!  I personally love creating a foundation of neutral and semi-neutral colors in a room, and then building off that with a mishmash of surprising bursts of color.

It gives freedom for pulling in random pieces that make you smile, and allows the eye to travel from one element to another.


I love these pottery barn prints. They are whimsical & imaginative, and capture these animals perfectly in pen & ink, surrounded by bold-colored, flying flowers.


I hung a dress of mine from when I was small on an old, vintage tie rack.


It’s shaped like a wild, wiry-haired terrier and makes me feel a certain type of glee.  I’ve no idea why.  Perhaps it’s because I really dig the book, “Where the Wild Things Are”, and it’s kind of similar to those drawings.  My mom found this, and a few other matching things on one of her hunts for vintage treasures to sell at her store, The Prairie Chick Market.  (Thank you, MOM!)


I have toys from her childhood and feel they are special, so I placed them in the shelf of our changing table.  Notice, these bookends match the tie-rack!


More of my mom’s old toys.  So many things are mass produced out of plastic these days, I felt true satisfaction in placing these blocks and other colorful things made with wood and paint.


For a soft, inexpensive, architectural element, I hung extra lace curtain panels from a rod I attached to the ceiling.


Tied up with a punchy orange ribbon, I think it did just the trick!


We re-purposed a DIY banner from our wedding celebrations on the front of the crib.


And left this golden arrow from Urban Outfitters in it’s original pre-baby location.  (Although, perhaps this needs to be removed since California has earthquakes. I will post an update as the room evolves!)


My baby blankets…  Bambi was hand, cross-stitched by my Aunt Leslie.  I’ve always cherished this blanket!


And I couldn’t resist…  A story about “A Cowgirl and Her Horse”.  How fitting!

Stay tuned for updates.  Among the things I hope * to accomplish before baby arrives are: planting a garden and making a paper lantern out of some of my mom’s old picture book pages!  We’ll see what happens amidst other projects, namely building a house to sell.  Up next week: I’ll give you a tour of the house build, and a sneak peek of the 1940’s, exposed fireplace, and what we plan to do with it.  Think reclaimed, barn wood and industrial metal used to tie in a few exposed beams that cut across a 15′, open, apex ceiling.

Can’t wait to show you!

Much Love,

Miss Mak, the Lady Bloom

Photos © Makie / Makenzie Bloomer | Native Gypsies




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  1. Lill
    June 13, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Love all the treasures—new, old and repurposed—in the Bloomer Baby Cove! Sending lots of positive vibes your way as the days count down to the “blooming” of your sweet little one!

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