Creatives, Get Organized!

[ Notebook & Sketchbook Carcasses ]

I don’t know what got into me…

I wanted to organize all my writings.  I don’t know if it was a fear of losing all ability to write a lyric or the desire to be a better blogger, or my searching for that one script idea from last year with a great scene I actually wrote out on paper!

Regardless, I’ve done it.  I’ve ripped through all my notebooks and sketchbooks and categorized my writings and notes and ideas.  The books are still full of scribbles and brain drain.  Some scribbles I’ll keep.  The brain drain – not sure if that will remain or have a date with my recycling bin.


I don’t know if I’d consider myself organized.  Perhaps not in comparison to advanced Excel spread-sheeters although I have my fair share of lists and google docs (and, yes, some of my digital files end in .xls).  I go in spurts, I think.  I’m sporadic.  I’ll read four books at a time over the course of several months, I keep random notebooks all over my house and in different bags – and no doubt, I’ve got a few projects going on at any given moment.  It works for me.  And it works best when I can achieve some sense of organization.  And perhaps maybe even a schedule (albeit a loose, flexible and always subject to change schedule!).  I’m always amazed to see how many of my ‘to do’s’ and wish-list items actually get accomplished simply because I wrote them down somewhere, planned it out in some fashion, and thought on the outcome for a while.

I’d say many creatives (including myself) tend to shy away from schedules and management (perhaps mostly when coming from others, yet even from one’s self).  But I’ve noticed extreme increases in creative productivity when under the influence of a schedule, and in an organized environment!

I’ve even heard of artists (writers in particular) creating contracts with one another (an “accountability partner” of sorts) to keep each other on track to make sure both dedicate their allotted daily time to her/his craft and goals.

So, my dear creatives, get organized!  It’s always good to know where your paint brushes are, the notes on your next big idea, and how you’re going to get from point A to point B in your creative journey.

How do you get organized & stay on task with creative projects (or general ‘to-do’s’)?




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