A visit to the Dane County Farmer’s Market

Dane County farmer's market

Passing through Madison on a Saturday? People watch and join in on the fun as locals and tourists stroll the ring around the Capitol, sample, shop, listen to music and relax on the Capitol Square lawn.

market go-ers relax on the Capitol Square lawn (©NativeGypsies)

I’d heard the Capitol farmer’s market was the “best in the country.” Claims like that are worth an inquiry! While we were in Wisconsin for a wedding, we decided to make a stop at the Dane County Farmer’s Market.

Thousands show up on any given Saturday to shop for Wisconsin-grown veggies…



Flower prep at the Dane County Farmer’s Market (©NativeGypsies)

HUGE flowers…

Sunflowers at the Dane County Farmer’s Market (©NativeGypsies)

baked goods…ohhhh, those mint cookies;)

the Gypsy Travelin’ Market at Dane County Farmer’s Market (©NativeGypsies)

…plus art, specialty items, meats and what’s a Wisconsin farmer’s market without CHEESE?! Lots and lots of cheese! According to the Dane County Farmer’s Market website, all agricultural items are produced within the state.

Among hundreds of booths, the whole family will find something they love.

Crowds flocked to Stella’s Bakery for hot, cheesy bread! We overheard a young, male customer tell a woman “try a bite. It will blow your mind.”

Stella’s Bakery (famous hot & spicy cheese bread) at Dane County Farmer’s Market (©NativeGypsies)

There’s plenty of activities for kids…

Sensitive plants at the Dane County Farmer’s Market (©NativeGypsies)

and husbands too…

Sampling fermented veggies at the Dane County Farmer’s Market (©NativeGypsies)

By the way, the fermented veggies were delicious!

Even dogs come to help out!

farmer’s friend & helper at the Dane County Farmer’s Market (©NativeGypsies)

Ready to go? Dates and times are listed on the farmer’s market site. If you’re traveling from outside the area, pack a cooler to bring home your perishables.

If you have any favorite farmers or booths at the Dane County Farmer’s Market to share with the Native Gypsies community, comment below or #nativegypsies on social media.




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