Plum Market at Detroit Airport (DTW), calling all healthy travelers

Airport food has improved its health status, but I still don’t look forward to days of travel. Starchy foods, tight quarters and strangers coughing in rhythm don’t make for a healthy traveler.

While my phone and computer didn’t want to pick up the free WIFI at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on a layover, all was forgiven when my husband Matt spotted a natural and organic cafe, slash grab-n-go snack store, in the McNamara Terminal.

Well, hello there, handsome traveler in the foreground;) (all Photos by Brooke)

Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) houses Plum Market, a natural and organic (petite-sized) express grocery store and cafe at their airport for healthy-minded travelers.

Plum Market- Airport juices and deli

I’m familiar with Plum Market, a Michigan based independent natural grocer, through my work, but I’d never been to a location. I found myself wandering the store taking pictures with the large camera around my neck. Realizing how excited I was over an airport grocery store, I admitted that the tourist in me comes out when we visit health stores and farms during our travels.

Matt’s temple-worthy airport meal at Plum Market-Airport

My camera lens spotted travel-sized personal care items, nutrition bars, a deli, and even both a coffee and wine (and spirits) bar! Plum carries specialty items and locally produced foods, to go along with their natural and organic offerings.

Plum Market- Airport wine bar

On the plane ride to Detroit, my husband remarked that airports needed an express store where you could pick pick up travel-friendly nutritional snacks and supplements (ie. greens packets to mix with water, protein bars, deli food, etc.) and his wish was soon granted. The only thing we didn’t spot was powder packets (for protein, greens, electrolytes, immune-support), which are great for airport travel because they aren’t liquid and take up little space. Someone please send me a comment if packets are added to the offerings at Plum Market- Airport!


We both ate at the deli and stocked up on snacks for our plane ride ahead. Color this traveler plum happy.





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