DIY flower girl wedding garter

If there’s one thing a flower girl wants on her big day (I mean, the bride’s big day), it’s to be just like the bride. When I was a flower girl, six-year-old me was devastated when I saw that the bridesmaids’ dresses were different from my own. That is, until my mom pointed out that my dress was the same color as the bride.

When I showed my garter (pictured at bottom) from IngenueB to my sister and niece, my niece asked in wonder, “what’s a garter?” I told her I was going to wear it on my leg at the wedding, to which she exclaimed “I want one!” Since I’m a little girl at heart and still love dress-up, I’d already planned to get her a garter for her big debut as a flower girl at my wedding. Online, I came up with zilch in the flower girl garter department. New market opportunity!

The supplies: elastic sequins ($2 per yard), 3 feathers (already owned), 3 rhinestone shank buttons ($2), Dream rhinestone charm (already owned)

For a little over a dollar a piece, I crafted three garters (one for each flower girl in my wedding). And since brides-to-be have ‘so much time’ on their hands pre-wedding day (read: sarcasm), you’ll appreciate that this DIY project is very quick.

Brooke hand-sewing the flower girl garters

Measure your flower girl’s leg, or guess based on your own leg’s measurement (above the knee) while considering their age/size.

Stretch the elastic lace while giving it some slack (so that it’s neither taut nor loose) when measuring the elastic before you cut. Cut the elastic sequins strip into three lengths (one for each girl).

Hand sewing the shank button onto the elastic and sewing the strip into a circle doesn’t take much skill (thankfully)!

I included a couple extra stitches to hold the feather in place, and then used a hot glue gun to keep the bottom third of the feather securely fastened to the elastic.

That’s it! Easy peasy.

Now that I have my first flower girl garters under my belt (no garter belt pun intended), I’m ready to break out the sewing machine and use elastic lace fabrics with more intricate adornments (AKA upcycled broken jewelry). My trial batch certainly didn’t match the beauty of the Great Gatsby IngenueB garter set I purchased for my wedding, but no one paints a masterpiece on their first go at it. Anyone else getting married and want to let me hone my flower girl garter-making skills? Or better yet, design them for your own flower girl(s) and share with us on social media (#nativegypsies).

Photo by Ana Ankeny: Jessica Simpson shoes, IngenueB Great Gatsby garter two-piece set, Elegance Bridal Boutique back necklace & bracelet (from Brooke’s wedding)

Happy wedding day to you.





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