DIY Foam Hand Soap + Mason Jar Pump Dispenser

Before the moving boxes were unpacked upon moving into my house a couple years ago, I had my DIY mason jar foam soap pumps set out in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The foam soap concoction (made with Dr. Bronner castile soap) even took a fresh black paint spot out of beige carpet (see my makeup brush cleaner post for more on that story). Like the bottle says, Dr. Bronner is the MAGIC all-one soap! It’s one of those brands that has a cult following, and I drank the (natural) kool-aid! I discover new uses for it all the time.

photoDIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe:

(quick-natural-$$$ saving)

Fill pint-sized Mason jar with 12 oz. liquid

Add 2 tbsp. Dr. Bronner castile soap (your flavor of choice)

*optional: add in ¼ tsp. oil (ie. jojoba, olive) for moisture-boosting benefits

Screw on the lid, and pump away!

Dr. Bronner “Flavors”

RAINBOW Dr. Bronner soaps

My picks:

-eucalytpus and tea tree for antibacterial properties

-unscented if you want to add your own scent or have sensitive skin

-almond if your sniffer is ready for this sweet treat. Smells delicious!

If you don’t own a foam pump soap container, check out these mason jar foam soap dispensers!


the class act

Choose from a variety of mason jar tints and dispenser finishes from Houzz foam mason jar soap dispenser ($32).


handmade (by someone else’s hands)

ball jar foam pump soap dispenser
Handmade foaming soap Ball jar with zinc lid from sugarSCOUT on etsy ($22).



I didn’t realize this was such a popular idea when I first made my jars, so I went for it without looking up instructions. Even if I’d known, I’ll admit I probably would not have read the instructions anyways (not until I failed enough times to break down and read them). To save yourself the time, check out these easy instructions from BODYunburdened on how to make your own foam mason jar dispenser in under five minutes.

For my project, I already had plenty of vintage pint-sized mason jars. I didn’t have foam soap dispensers, but I purchased them at the Dollar Store (for you guess it, a dollar). If you already use foam soap dispensers, save the pump next time it runs out. Make sure to recycle the bottle! Use the lid from an empty jar of coconut oil for a regular-mouth mason jar.

You likely have all the materials at home already, and can DIY for nothing out of pocket!

Paint the jar. Paint the lid. Wrap the jar with twine or burlap. There’s endless options to make it your own. Show us your personalized foam soap dispenser creations on social media when you #nativegypsies.

Check out these five hacks to get even more uses out of your mason jar.

5 lids to morph your mason jars into kitchen gadgets





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