Buy or DIY lime pie deodorant

The ‘Secret’ is out; deodorant labels are the pits!

Secret deodorant ingredients
Secret deodorant ingredients

Cyclops-a-who? Dipropy-what?

Much of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your skin, so it can be just as important to wear healthy ingredients as it is to eat them! Still, our sweaty, stinky underarms keep us coming back for more aluminum and friends. Time to make the switch to something natural that works. Trust me. I’m a doctor. Ok, I’m really not, but a segment on  ‘The Doctors’ discussed using lime and baking soda for excessive sweating.

I was elated to see one of my favorite DIY deodorant recipes highlighted in the segment, where the doc showed viewers how they can cut a lime open and dust on baking soda to help with underarm odor and sweat.

DIY lime deodorant
DIY lime deodorant

Why Lime

-reduces bacteria

-tightens pores

While the show recommended slicing a lime and rubbing it on your underarms, I prefer to juice a lime and fill a one ounce spray bottle (I reuse skincare bottles for DIY projects).

‘The Doctors’ segment warns that citrus may make you more sensitive to the sun.  To prevent a burn, do not directly expose the underarm skin to sun. I don’t know who that would apply to, but if you go outside with your arms above your head all day exposing your bare underarms to the sun, that sounds like an interesting story I want to hear about! If sunburns didn’t scare you off, I have one more warning for you to note. Avoid lime juice right after shaving underarms, unless you like that stinging feeling when you’re juicing citrus and juice sprays into a cut on your finger.

Why Baking Soda 

-absorbs odor & sweat

-aluminum free

You’ll find a box of baking soda at the checkout at just about any big box retailer and grocer for under $1. Or get a large package from a natural reputable brand like Bob’s Red Mill.

Lime Pie Deodorant

Everything you need is in your kitchen!

1. Lime & Baking Soda Paste

Pump 2 sprays of lime juice on fingertips, and add a light dusting of baking soda. Apply to underarm, and repeat for other underarm.

Tip: Put your baking soda in a former baby powder shaker or spice shaker for ease of use.

DIY Lime Pie Deodorant
DIY Lime Pie Deodorant

2. Lime Pie Mix

Combine, lime juice, coconut oil and baking soda. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, and if your skin is too sensitive for Lime & Baking Soda Paste, the Lime Pie Mix (with added moisturizing and soothing coconut oil) might do the trick. You can combine the concoction on your fingertips daily, or reuse an empty hair pomade or skin cream tub to mix the ingredients.  You’ll smell fresh and delectable!

See Vintage Amanda’s youtube video on DIY lime coconut oil deodorant (she also includes arrowroot powder in her recipe, and utilizes lime essential oil instead of lime juice).


Not a DIYer? Get the goodness without mixing up potions in your kitchen sink.

Wildly popular natural deodorant brand Schmidt’s offer a Bergamot-Lime stick* deodorant or jar.

Primal Pit Paste also offers a jar and stick option, or try this stick option from Honey Dew Naturals called Coconut Lime Be Free Deodorant.

All three brands contain the ‘Big 4’ ingredients (arrowroot powder, coconut oil, lime essential oil and baking soda) from Vintage Amanda’s DIY lime coconut oil video.

Work that, lemme see you drip sweat

If you’re used to a traditional deodorant with aluminum, you will notice more sweating as you switch to natural. “Ick! I don’t want to sweat,” you exclaim.  Well, natural deodorant isn’t to blame. You are, you gorgeous (but sometimes drippy, sweaty) creature! Your gorgeous bod is meant to sweat, to cool and eliminate toxins.

If you’re about to go on a job interview or the date of a lifetime, don’t let your fears of ‘pitting out’ have you reaching for the prescription-strength aluminum antiperspirant! First, check out this great pit detox FAQ from Primal Pit Paste on what’s normal, what’s not and what to do about it.

Is all this talk about lime and coconuts have you thinking lime pie and mojitos? If not, that’s just the pits. Hehee. Let’s keep the arm pit puns coming; let the Native Gypsies community know what natural deodorant tips you have. Do you have a super secret recipe that works to share? Or a go-to organic deodorant that does the trick? Do tell!


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2 comments on “Buy or DIY lime pie deodorant

  1. Shelly
    May 19, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    I love this post! I am definitely going to try this. I made my own deoderant back in the days of our early marriage and we couldn’t afford to buy it! But it didn’t work so well. I think the mixture was Baby powder and Vaseline. This sounds much healthier and successful!

    • Brooke
      May 20, 2016 at 3:02 am

      That’s the best story, Shelly!! Sounds like my moms stories of when she was young laying out in the sun with iodine & baby oil!!

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