DIY painted kid’s cowgirl boots

Native Gypsies cowgirl boot makeover
Crafting. Garage sale deals. And cowboy boots. Three things to make any Native Gypsies girl smile.
With a little craft paint, my sister and niece quickly personalized these garage sale boots to make them worthy of a fashionable, young cowgirl.
You can buy these $89.50 Ariat Fatbaby Cowboy Boots…

…or if you’re the DIY type, quickly add a splash of color to your black cowgirl boots.

$2 garage sale boots
$2 garage sale black cowgirl boots
black cowgirl boots
+$.50 craft paint
craft paid: Deep Purple
+ 15 minutes of time
Use a small paint brush to paint the stitching, or you can use a sponge or paper towel to rub the paint into the stiching. Wipe excess with a damp rag. Done!
paint stitching of cowboy boots
= Final result.
DIY painted stitching on cowboy boots
Have longer than 15 minutes?
If you want to DIY more than the thread color, you can spray paint, draw designs or weather your cowboy boots to personalize them.
Alida Makes DIY painted boots

Rather have a pro artist do the personalization? I can’t get enough of HD West’s leather painted artwork.

HD West painted boots

Whatever your style, show it off! #nativegypsies on social media to show us your personalized boots (bonus if they’re cowboy boots)! Yee-haw, ya’ll!





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