DIY Repurposed Post Garden Tool Rack

If you’re reading a post (no pun intended, per the title of this particular post) on here for the first time, I’m a big fan of DIY projects and upcycling junk. The garden post below was starting to rot in my back yard, before it was given a new lease on life.

photo (67)

Tools needed:

skilsaw: trim off the bottom of the post

wrecking bar: split the post in half

cordless drill & screws: affix the ‘new’ tool rack on the wall

photo (64)

This formerly neglected garden post transformed into a useful tool rack.

Now, the floor is empty and (for the most part) clean!

Do you have a DIY tool organizer that’s cleaned up the clutter in your garage or toolshed? We want to see your upcycled vintage telephone lines, your wood pallets and your repurposed shelves turned garden tool organizers! #nativegypsies on Twitter or Facebook.

DIY Garden Tool Rack





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