DIY wood pallet coat rack

There’s no shortage on ways to upcycle wood pallets. One of the simplest ways (no deconstruction required) is a coat rack.

Put in your entryway to encourage your household to hang up their hats, bags and coats. No more floor clutter!

wood pallet Meat Hook Coat Rack Native Gypsies

This project cost a total of $0.

Wood pallet: free (from a work site*)

Paint: free (from the County’s Environmental Center free product room)

Meat Hooks: gifted (from my dad, the king of “don’t throw that out”)

After guests see my upcycled coat rack the first time, the most common thing after “whoa…that’s cool” is “that looks dangerous.” If you don’t want kids (or clumsy adults like myself) hitting their head on a low-hanging hook, raise the meat hooks (and lower as needed).

upcycled wood pallet meat hook coat rack native gypsies

Don’t want to use meat hooks at all? No problem. Try square head nails, shower curtain hooks, coat hooks, or even a bent horse shoe. Get creative! And show Native Gypsies your creations on social media! #nativegypsies

upcycled wood pallet coat rack with meat hooks

*If you use a wood pallet from a work site, get permission! Some businesses reuse their pallets, or sell them. Do NOT take a pallet without manager/owner’s approval.




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