Don’t Throw that Out: boiled egg water and eggshells

eggshell plant food
Original Photo Credit (w/out text & overlay): Andrew Toskin

Barefoot, groggy and hovering over the stove, I watched my eggs boiling in the sauce pan this morning. Thinking about all the nutrients in those lil’ eggies (from cage-free, pastured chickens), I was determined to reuse the water they cooked in.

Why not water my plants with it? I let the water cool back down to room temperature, and then poured it over my indoor plants.

But what about the egg shells? Don’t throw them out!

Egg shells are largely composed of calcium carbonate (CACO3). They also contain carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen, plus trace amounts of minerals. We want our plants to be mineral-rich, so feed them with natural mineral-rich fertilizers.

Usually, I compost my eggs. If you haven’t met me, “Hello, I’m Brooke, and I’m a huge composting fan.” Growing up, my dad fed all my environmentally-friendly ideas, and he made ‘Brooke’s compost’ site on the farm. In fact, I still bring my compost out to my parent’s farm. While I think it’s completely fine to compost eggshells along with your plant remnants, I’m excited to try this new idea.

eggshell calcium powder
Photo Credit: rmkoske

Eggshell Calcium Powder

Let your egg shells dry out for a few days until they’re brittle, and then crush them up for your plants. For less mess, try putting them in a plastic bag before crushing. Or if you have a Magic Bullet or coffee grinder, grind them up to make a fine powder to shake on your garden. Remineralize your garden with little time and no extra cost.

If you don’t have plants or a compost, keep the eggshells all for yourself! To make eggshell calcium for consumption, see Mama Natural’s eggshell calcium recipe.

Putting leftover coffee grounds in the soil is already popular among gardeners for nitrogen and phosphorus, and now another breakfast staple (the incredible, edible egg) is gaining momentum. For both coffee and eggshell fertilizer, go for organic.

My closing PSA: remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day (for you and your plants)!




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