Dream Big.

MakenzieCaine_RWJones_ActionHeroI just got home from taking a kick boxing class at the gym.  I’m dead tired and had to peel myself off the living room floor after laying down to rest, my face planted and squished into the fibers of the carpet.  When class starts I’m a total rock-star.  I envision myself as the action hero of various movies and TV shows I’ve seen.  I’m Kate in LOST, and so on, but by the end of class I’m dizzy and drenched.

I’ve always had this dream of being a ninja-chick or some sort of toughie.  Go on…laugh why don’t you!  Yes, I’m pretty scrawny and look more like I should be sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat in a perfect om than out on the streets fighting ‘bad guys.’  But somewhere deep down, I have an alter ego that wants to ‘kick’ butt!  You know, be the girl who can swing up in the saddle and chase after the mean, old cowboy, the girl who knows how to shoot a gun if she has to (believe it or not I actually beat a boyfriend in a clay pigeon shooting contest long ago.)  Some of you city-folk are like, what is that?  Take a trip to a farm somewhere and ask what they do for fun.  You’ll see.

Seriously though, I want to be in an action flick.  I want three months of hard-core training and I want to have martial arts sequences and be blown into the air from an explosion – a car containing top secret stuff, bombed by a rogue CIA agent.  Of course I would be on the good side, although playing ‘bad guys’ can be fun too.

I am a serious actress and strive to play characters that portray depth and humanity and tell stories that move people.   I aim to do that in my personal life too, but I could stray from the seriousness of it all to be in a ‘rock-em, sock-em’ film.  I totally could.

However crazy this dream may seem, and however unrealistic, (since I could barely lift my leg one..more..time in that freakin’ class) it’s mine, all mine.  And why not have a wacky dream?!

I have other, more conventional dreams – I want to be a mom some day, have a garden, maybe even learn to sew my own curtains.  (Yes, Grandma, I could probably figure it out.)  But I like to pepper my thoughts with the ‘out there’ stuff, the ‘out of reach,’ pipe dreams.  Another of those on my list (in addition to being an action hero) is traveling, maybe even sell everything I own and go back-packing for a year to get to know people and places.  Then my thoughts return to my roots and bring me back home to sit with my Grandmas and watch my niece and nephew grow.  I know I sound like a crazy person.  How do these things fit together?  (It’s those gremlins in the brain, I tell you!)

It’s possible.  If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and want to go to Istanbul someday – let yourself dream about it!  Put an old jelly jar on the table and throw your change in it every night.  My classmates and I watched this late 80’s classic in 5th grade called Field of Dreams…you know it.  Some dead baseball players walk out of the corn field and play a few games.  It’s kind of silly, but the principle is true:  “If you build it, they will come.”

If you dream it, make room for it, plan it, love it, tend to it, believe it…..it will come.  Sometimes it appears in packages we don’t expect, but it arrives nonetheless.  Every year I make a vision book (well, for the last three years I have) and I sit down with myself, write things, cut pictures out of magazines, print stuff, and stick it to the pages of my new and improved book of dreams.  My book contains hope for the quality of my life and love, depictions of spirituality and peace, places I’d like to go, descriptive words I’d like to be associated with, material goals and things of a non-tangible nature.  Maybe you could try it too?  Have a couple friends over, or just sit with yourself and a cup of cocoa …and dream.

Then make room.  We are deep in the middle of winter but some good, old, spring cleaning is just the key.  Want a little bit of love?  Clear out the negative in your life.  Need time to relax or take a class?  Cross something off your schedule.  Want a new sweater?  Throw out the old one!  It takes a little faith…but if you make the space in your life, the things you truly desire will come to you and settle in.

Go get it.  Get what’s good.  There’s plenty for everyone!

Take your pen and write a promise to yourself.  Whatever you need or want – write it down as a promise to yourself – a gift.  You deserve it!

Nobody says it better than Disney, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.”  What can go wrong when you are true to the very center of your soul.

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Trust and build it – they will come!




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